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    Let’s imagine the situation. You are updating your website and realise that you need a web translation to improve the quality of the information you are offering to your foreign customers. You are thinking about using the professional translation services provided by Okodia Translation agency, but you have a doubt about whether there a minimum price for professional translations. The truth is that yes, there is. Let us explain how we calculate it!

    Minimum price for professional translation

    You will undoubtedly have heard us mention countless times that professional translation projects are charged by the word. This is generally the case. However, there is also a minimum price when managing a translation project. This is because, apart from the translation itself, each project requires additional management time. 

    Although each company calculates its minimum times based on various factors, at Okodia we usually calculate, as a general rule, a minimum management time of approximately half an hour. What do we do in that time? We manage the project itself (quote, entry of data in the system, preliminary questions with the customer, etc.), and we coordinate the work with the best professional translator selected by us, depending on the specialty and language required for the task. In the same way, we discuss any essential issues that arise with the translators when carrying out the translation, we prepare the translation files and possible references, and we make sure that the work complies with the quality standards and that it is delivered in a timely manner. We also carry out the billing tasks (and in some cases we also have to chase customers when they do not pay us on time). 

    Why charge a minimum price? 

    As a translation agency we receive all kinds of orders, from the translation of a press release for communication agencies to the technical translation of scientific research papers. Obviously, the number of words usually varies from one job to another. That is why a minimum price is usually charged in the translation industry. 

    There are jobs that exceed the minimum cost per job. In those cases, the price is calculated on the basis of the number of words in the project. However, where the translation does not reach that minimum, the time spent is what counts.

    How do we set the minimum rate?

    What do we usually take into account when calculating the minimum rate? We have an estimate of how long it takes us to manage the project (as a minimum, since for some projects this can take considerably longer). For example, it takes us about two minutes on average to open an e-mail, read it and download the file with the text of the project.

    Next, we spend five minutes assessing the amount of work it will entail, consulting the references provided and comparing documents.

    Once we have done that, we spend an average of three minutes writing the e-mail to send to you and that also helps us to answer any queries about the project.

    When we receive the go ahead, we must prepare the files for translation, including any reference material, and this normally takes three minutes on average.

    In addition, about four minutes are spent on coordination and management with the translator and sending them the translation.

    Once the translator has the text, the professional we have selected for the task takes the necessary time to complete the project (in such small jobs we no longer quantify this by the number of words).

    The translator then sends us their work and we check the quality of the translation and prepare the file to send to the customer. Here, the minimum time spent is five minutes, but it can be more depending on the type of project, the words, etc.

    After verifying that the work conforms to the quality standards of our translation agency, we write an e-mail to deliver and send the work. This takes about two minutes. Later, if the customer has any questions about the delivery, we take the necessary time to answer these.

    The last step is to carry out the billing, and this takes us an average of one minute per order (or more, depending on the circumstances, and also assuming that there are no payment problems that have to be dealt with later).

    This is the entire process we carry out and that we use to set the minimum price for a translation. Do you have any questions? Contact us! We would be delighted to answer them.



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