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“Better results than expected increasing our business thanks to offering translations for our products. Okodia always assess our team and provides solutions very quickly and professionally.”

Daniel García, DabaSystem

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Are you in the United Kingdom and in need of the translation and interpreting services of a professional? Choose Okodia’s professional translation services! Whether your company is involved in medicine, engineering or, for example, the tourism sector, at some point in the company’s professional life you will no doubt require global translation services. You may even need them on a regular basis. 



Why do you need a translation service in London?


Do you have to translate one or more urgent documents today? Do you need legal, medical, technical, advertising or other translation services? You have come to the right place. Professional translation covers many fields, and through our translation services in London we will provide you with translation services that adapt to your needs. 


  • Translation of general business texts

You may need to use a high quality translation service to translate your company’s general texts into another language. This could include business letters, emails, the CVs of your staff for international tenders, corporate identity manuals, international cover letters, press releases, promotional material and web environments, among others. 


  • Translation of official documents

You may also need translation services for the company’s official documents such as tenders, declarations, powers of attorney, etc., which need to be presented to a public body.


  • Translation of contracts and certificates

At some point, an official body may ask you for the official translation of academic or professional certificates, or they may ask you, as an institution, for the translation of contracts, transfers, grant or financing applications, etc. These legal documents will probably need to be translated and this requires a specialised translator. 


  • The medical sector requires languages

If your company is involved in the medical sector, you will also need professional translation services at some point. Medical and pharmaceutical documentation, such as medical journals, medicine package inserts, hospital reports, technical papers, etc., will probably need to be translated. 


  • Translation of manuals

The same is true for technical documentation such as manuals for systems and machinery, blueprints, building specifications, financial reports, checking and review computer programs, and patent and trademark applications.



What is a professional translation?


When the translation is professional, it shows. That is why using the translation services of a translation agency like Okodia is essential. We offer high quality language translation services.  Our work is quick and reliable and we really adapt to your work schedule.


The work will be carried out by qualified translators specialised in your business sector and in the type of documentation to be translated.


We adapt to the technical language spoken by your company, the type of document you need to translate, the format in which the translated text will be displayed, the type of audience who will read your translated documents, and your work schedule, deadlines and budget.


How do you choose the best professional translator? Don’t worry, leave that to us. We have a wide range of professional translators in the most common languages such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Slovakian, Croatian, and Hungarian, in those that are less common, such as Finnish, Icelandic, Romanian, Latin, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian, and even in so-called “minority” languages, such as Faroese, Maltese, Cherokee, Gaelic, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani, Lao, Tamil, Maori, and Esperanto.


So, don’t worry! Simply give us the necessary instructions and we will take care of providing you with the highest quality translation services in the UK.

Online translation services that we offer

Legal translation

One of the most requested online translation services is legal translation. Globalisation has radically changed the way we do business. The local economy practically no longer exists. In order to achieve your global objectives, you already have employment, tax and communication advisers in your team. We are your team of legal translators to help you achieve your goals.

Technical translation

One of the most requested online translation services is legal translation. Globalisation has radically changed the way we do business. The local economy practically no longer exists. In order to achieve your global objectives, you already have employment, tax and communication advisers in your team. We are your team of legal translators to help you achieve your goals.

Website translation

Do you have a website? I am sure you do! And a blog? More than likely! You should know that over half of the traffic that reaches your website could come from abroad. If you translate it into other languages, you are turning your business into an international showcase for your activity. Use a professional translator for your website and surprise your customers.

Translation of blogs and newsletters

Practically all companies with a web presence have their own blog, and many of them update it with some sort of frequency. Everyone knows that Google takes the addition of new content into account when deciding on positioning. Blog articles are excellent tools for dealing with issues that matter to your company’s customers.

Tourism translation

One of the professional sectors generating the most economic movement is without a doubt the tourism sector. The companies that make up this sector are very diverse: restaurants, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, tour guides, car rental companies, etc. Thousands of professionals earn a living on a daily basis in a sector that goes hand in hand with tourism translation.

Financial translation

If you have a small or medium-sized company (and also if you run a large corporation) you will no doubt be interested in reading more. One of the specialities of our work generating most interest in recent years is the translation of financial and economic documents. The economy is what makes the world go round and if you do business in other countries or have branches open in other areas, financial translation will be your ally.

Software translation and localisation

For a few years now, we have been experiencing an incredible development in the so-called ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). Quick and easy access by the entire world to smart mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), together with the greater usability of software and apps, have given rise to a new great cultural, sociological and economic revolution: the technological revolution.

Audiovisual translation

As you know, the audiovisual market is an important source of income for companies in almost every country in the world. How can your company compete in such a dense and globalised market? How can you stand out from the crowd? Simple: by adapting and translating your audiovisual products with accuracy and high quality.

Scientific translation

Science is very important at a social level. However, even more important is that if science is not communicated, society cannot progress. In this world of multidisciplinary, multilingual and collaborative work, one crucial factor takes centre stage: the perfect understanding and also expression of the texts resulting from the research, whether they are books, web environments, scientific journals, presentations, webinars, etc.