The adventure of being an entrepreneur. What a great idea! If you own a company or have an idea in mind you want to put into action, you know what we’re talking about. We at Okodia once had to take that leap of faith, and the truth is that we’d do it again if given the chance. A translation agency is not only made up of professional translators but also specialized translators such as medical translators who, aside from their stint at the translation company, also have hopes and dreams to fulfill.
The translation of creole languages can be quite a headache for translators at times since—as in the case of languages with a large number of speakers—the number of dialects is considerable and sometimes barely understandable for speakers of the same language.
For some time now, we’ve been hearing about the thousands of different ways the marketing departments of companies across all sectors have come up with everywhere—on the street, on the Internet and in the media—in an attempt to overcome the crisis we find ourselves in. There are low-cost airlines, apartments at “anti-crisis” prices, travel agencies offering discounted prices for last-minute holiday deals, and so on, with multiple companies and sectors… including low-cost translations. But alas, as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.
"Content is king". How many times have you heard someone say this? We don’t have enough fingers on our hands and toes on our feet to count the number of times the importance of content marketing and all other types of marketing is continuously stressed on a daily basis. And it’s because this communication technique can take you to great heights of success or ruin your life (or that of the company you work for, depending on how you look at it). And to really take a good “look”, here are 3 major marketing translation blunders that were the talk of the town at the time.
Any company worth its salt, whether it’s a manufacturer or service provider, is well aware of how important its Internet presence is. Even though your business may seem small, it can go big if you know how to reach each and every potential customer in all corners of the world. To reach them, it’s essential to have a good translation of your website, and not one done using machine translation or by just anyone who has a rudimentary knowledge of the target language.
Mannequin challenge, crowdfunding, hipster, freaky, wearable, cookies, coworking;these are just some of the many out there and we're surrounded by them. We see them on the restaurant bill, in advertising, in technology, on the beauty center’s list of services, and in many other situations.Neologisms are inevitable as they keep popping up, and they are part and parcel of the natural evolution of any language.In this post, we're interested in evaluating the merits of translating neologisms in service companies.
Since the 15th century, the invention of the printing press, the rise of telecommunications and the arrival of the digital era have facilitated the transmission of knowledge, both at a national level and at an international level. This has made it possible to develop increasing specialization and for technical translation to appear. Schools and research groups are created, and new scientific and technological fields and subdisciplines are developed at a heightened and almost dizzying pace today. As a result, the need for increasingly specialized communication has risen and there are new concepts requiring new names, which means that there’s a need to create technical or specialized vocabulary.
If you run a business and you want to go global, it’s obvious that you’ll have to translate all your content: from the website to advertisements and more technical documentation translation such as instruction manuals. A task that you can not do alone, especially if what you intend is to maintain a certain reputation of your company.
Spain is not a country for foreigners— or at the very least, not one where foreigners can feel right at home. Hotels, restaurant menus, street signs, information pamphlets... are all full of funny and confusing phrases. Seville ceased to be a wonder when some serious mistakes in the tourism translations of its signs were discovered, and surely, more than a few bars and restaurants have given diners indigestion with these culinary translations that leave a bad taste in the mouth. Have you seen some funny and confusing tourism translations? We certainly have!
As a Romance language, Spanish is one of the hardest languages to learn in Western Europe. This is particularly true for Germans because there are certain phonological differences in comparison with German. Are you familiar with the peculiarities of Spanish which make it an especially difficult language to learn for foreigners?