When you are talking to someone you don't normally stop to think about whether the words you are using are from Spanish, English or, for example, Basque. You use the words and that's that. However, it’s not quite that simple. Many of the words we use each day are borrowed from other languages, as professional translators well know. While there are several different languages in Spain, we are going to focus on the one spoken in the Basque Country: Basque. Let us tell you about some of the words used in Spanish that actually come from Basque.
If you follow us on Twitter you will know that once a week we publish a tweet with the hashtag #recursostraductores. In these messages we tell our followers about the tools - software, dictionaries, databases, etc. - we use in our daily work and that can be useful for anyone who has to handle different languages.
The world of professional translation is a real pandora's box. While the translation of a film title seems so normal to us in Spanish, it can be much more of a challenge in Chinese. For example, translating the title of a European or American film into Chinese can have surprising results leaving some people open mouthed and others laughing.
Crowfunding, hipster, friki, wearable, cookies, coworking. There are many examples of such words and they are all around us. We can find them in restaurant bills, in advertising, in technology, in the list of services at a beauty centre and in countless other situations. Neologisms are inevitable, constantly appearing and part of the natural evolution of any language. So, should we translate them? Let us explain.
Translation is an art, but an art that can save lives, especially when it comes to medical translations, one of the most important disciplines for many translation professionals. I am sure that you will agree that if you cannot trust an auxiliary nurse to save the life of a heart patient, then nor should you trust an amateur with the medical translation of a report or patient information leaflet. So, bearing in mind that it is better to entrust these types of document to a medical translation agency, let us tell you some of the unforgivable mistakes we have encountered in medical translations.
Price is sometimes a factor in determining which translation agency you choose. At Okodia Translation Services we understand that all companies have budget restrictions and specific needs, although we do suggest not only looking at price when you are choosing a supplier.
Using your own employees instead of professional translators creates certain risks for your business, above all to your reputation. Do you really want your customers to find errors in the translation and have a poor image of your company as a result? We know the answer to this question, so let us tell you about the benefits to your company of a professional translation.
An ongoing dream in the history of man has been that humanity will one day speak the same language. An ancient Hebrew story tells us that this happened long ago, but God punished man for his eagerness to reach heaven with a tower, and condemned people to speak different languages and no longer understand each other. It is also true that without that punishment the profession of translator would not exist today, so maybe we should rejoice.

If you already have a company for some time or have recently entered the world of start-ups, you will be interested to know that almighty Google has decided to make some changes in Adwords. These changes basically consist in expanding the number of characters that...

It seems unlikely that the fight against spelling mistakes in texts of all types will have a happy ending. In this hyper-informed society in which we live, we are beset by the anti-hero of spelling mistakes and the worst thing is that there is a dangerous tendency to normalise the presence of this character in the movie of our lives.