As you know, almost everything can be translated. Websites can be translated, leaflets that come with medicines can be translated, corporate notifications can also be translated. However, can you translate beauty? Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to translate the makeup you use or your cosmetics? Well, they can also be translated! Professional translation knows no bounds and yes, beauty can be translated.
Lockdown is now being relaxed in many countries. After months of confinement and the health crisis caused by coronavirus, many countries are now taking steps to return to normal, or to the closest thing to normal they can manage. However, there will be no normality until there is an effective SARS-Cov-2 vaccine and that may take time. What is the role of professional translators in all this? We are useful. Medical translation is one of the areas of professional translation that can help the world find a coronavirus vaccine.
“How charismatic he is! How helpful!" I’m sure you’ve heard someone talking about other people in that way. That’s because there are some skills that just come naturally to some people and cannot be learned, however hard you try. The same is true for professional translators. They are professionals who, for example, tend to adapt very well to change and in fact their work consists largely of that, adapting to the changes in society so that their translations are always perfect. Do you want to know what other natural skills translators have? Keep reading!
There are many fascinating languages around the world, but Chinese is undoubtedly one of the ones that most captures the imagination. This might be because outside of China it is not a language studied much in schools or colleges, meaning that very few people speak it. Did you know that some Chinese words are used in the Spanish language? Read on to find out what they are!
You have a WordPress blog or website and you would like to reach a much larger audience. At Okodia we can help you translate your WordPress site into several languages so that you reach your target audience and enhance the visibility of your website. Do you know how? Keep reading and we will explain!
You have spent years doing the research, you have obtained your results from the study and you have written a scientific article that dozens of leading journals have published. You may think that your work is done. However, you're wrong! Scientific translation is what makes the world go round, so now that you have some time, let us give you some compelling reasons to translate your work.
Legal professionals are very familiar with the language used in the legal world. However, away from that world it can often cause problems and these problems are even greater if the necessary information is not available in a language that you can understand. How can you deal with that? With a legal translation. However, the translation of legal documents is also a challenge. Let us tell you about some of the challenges involved in this type of translation.
Let's try an experiment. What is the first word that comes to mind if I say "Italy"? And if I say "Spain"? "Germany"? You have probably just thought something along the lines of: pizza, party, and punctuality. It is useless to deny it: we are all influenced by stereotypes when we talk about other countries. While these stereotypes are generalised and often incorrect, there are differences between countries in terms of some of their characteristics.

Working as a translator requires being up to date with respect to all new developments and being in contact with other professionals to exchange views and experiences. For this reason, translation journals are one of the best resources for translation professionals and agencies. The main benefit...

When you think you have designed a fantastic mobile app that will quickly go viral, when you have prepared a whole press kit and everything is ready for launch, but when the big day arrives nothing goes to plan, it is time to think about what might have gone wrong. When such tools and products are limited to one language and therefore to a small proportion of the global market, it makes sense that the ROI will also be quite small. Professional translation can really help to avoid situations like that. Do you know what two things should always be translated by a professional? Pay attention to this post!