As a Romance language, Spanish is one of the hardest languages to learn in Western Europe. This is particularly true for Germans because there are certain phonological differences in comparison with German. Are you familiar with the peculiarities of Spanish which make it an especially difficult language to learn for foreigners?
There’s hope for the translation of websites hosted on WordPress. Gone are the days when you had to copy and paste all the text of your website into a Word document to send to the translation agency for rendering into another language. WPML makes this task—which has been a source of aggravation for many— a snap. Okodia - Grupo traductor  has gotten down to work so that through the WPML plug-in, anyone can engage its web translation services more simply and more directly.
It is said that “sharing is caring”. Cognizant of this, we at Okodia would like to share with you which tools have marked a turning point in the way many professional translators work. We're referring to CAT tools. Do you know which are the best CAT tools for translators? Continue reading and find out!
With our jaws dropped and our eyes round as saucers. That was what the Okodia team looked like when we stumbled upon the translation news we're about to share with you. We already had an inkling that translating into other languages was important (nudge nudge wink wink), but what we never would have imagined is how little countries such as Brazil, Spain or Russia take it to heart, or how knowledge of other languages help to become more reflective. And if you’re looking for breadth of vision for your business, Europe says that translators must specialize. We're already specialized, are you?
Making the leap to another market and presenting your products and services to new international users is now so much easier for large companies, SMEs, the self-employed and any Internet enthusiast. Translation agencies such as Okodia - Grupo traductor use the plug-in WPML which—through a simple, direct connection—makes translating the content of websites hosted on WordPress easy.
Translate comes from the Latin verb transfero which means to transcribe, to transform. Many theorists have developed translation competence models, such as D. Kelly, Nord, Campbell, Wills, Pym, Roberts or Delisle, among many others. This competence refers to the set of abilities, skills, knowledge and attitudes which define professional translators and which they should possess; this is what sets professional translators apart from amateurs or native speakers (also known as amateur intrusion).
Do you know how many languages ​​are active in the world? More than 7000! Sure the main ones know them: English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic ... but so many languages ​​give a lot and ... for a lot of unknown curiosities! We are aware that it is impossible to speak dozens of languages ​​perfectly, that is why ... although we have professional translators with a good knowledge of the languages ​​of the world, we are going to tell you some of their curiosities! Do not stay without knowing them!
Faced with complex terminology such as that of the chemical industry, translation agencies have no other choice but to seek out the best resources to provide translations that are as faithful as possible. If a company calls on us to request the translation of facial cream packaging into English, French and German, for us, the most important thing is not the translation itself into these languages (which is also important) but instead finding translators who, aside from having a mastery of these languages, have the right terminology to be used well in hand. This is why, before starting to collaborate with our translators, we categorize them to find the most suitable person for the job in the shortest possible time and for maximum effectiveness.
In Spain, we laugh at the unerring talent of our movie industry to ruin perfectly good movie titles when translating them into Spanish. Some particularly memorable examples are: Un canguro superduro (The Pacifier), Soñando, soñando... triunfé patinando (Ice Princess), Dos colgaos muy fumaos (Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle), Este muerto está muy vivo (Weekend at Bernie's). Well, we’re not worse than others. Now that Spanish movies are successfully making forays into overseas markets, we can also see how our movies fall victim to hilarious translations.

It’s often (wrongly) thought that all languages are equally complex when it comes to translating them. Is translating a phrase into English the same as translating it into Arabic? Obviously not! Each language has a different level of difficulty as professional translators well know. Now,...