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    Many people know that their personal image is an important factor in their daily lives, from both a personal and a professional point of view. As a result, they seek out and buy all kinds of products that make them feel more beautiful, healthy, young and attractive. Fashion and beauty have become an essential part of the daily lives of millions of people in all countries around the world, so much so that brands invest in translating their labels, advertising and products. The professional translation of cosmetics, fashion and beauty is more essential than you might think.

    How does this global need for consumption affect the business communication of fashion and beauty firms? National and international companies want to communicate more widely than to just a local audience. Their advertising messages, websites and virtual stores, press releases, blog articles and messages on social networks are in demanded and used by women and men from all corners of the globe. This strong international demand in turn produces a need for companies to create multilingual communication that speaks to customers in their own language.

    How does the translation of cosmetics, fashion and beauty affect this market? Translating the label of an item of clothing from a Spanish firm into Arabic, translating the application instructions or composition of a French firming cream into Russian, translating the latest sun cream product campaign of an American firm into Chinese or translating the press releases of international fashion shows into Turkish or English are our daily work thanks to the thousands of professionals in cosmetics, fashion and beauty who sell their products the length and breadth of the world. It is estimated that the turnover of these firms can easily be multiplied with the use of languages.

    Translating to convince, to convey feelings, desires and needs. In short, to touch the hearts of the millions of people who are seeking (as we all seekperfection.


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    Beauty standards in every culture

    If you read magazines, watch TV or browse a little through the thousands of websites dedicated to the fashion and cosmetics sector, you will quickly see that global beauty standards do not exist. Of course, there is the so-called ideal standard: everybody notices an anatomically perfect body, a well-proportioned, harmonious face, blue, hazelnut or charcoal black eyes, or a radiant and spotless complexion. However, despite the fact that we live in a global and permanently connected world, there are still cultural differences assigned to different values of beauty depending on the season, country and society where each consumer lives.

    In this way, if each culture has a different concept of beauty, the advertising and information coming from the companies in the sector must be different, personal and adapted to the idiosyncrasy of their customers. When it comes to cosmetic, fashion and beauty translation, it is best to opt for a specialist. A fashion translator or a translator of labels on cosmetic and beauty products must have a thorough knowledge of the language, culture, likes and dislikes, trends and taboos of each society; this understanding, this know-how translation professionals have, will ultimately be the key piece that will allow them to translate in a way that really convinces the end customer.


    Customers who demand the professional translation of cosmetics, fashion and beauty:

    Companies and firms from European countries such as France, Spain and the United Kingdom, Asian firms with head offices in China, Japan or India and those from anywhere else in the world, like Russia, Turkey and the United States.

    In short, we can say that high quality multilingual translation services are demanded by companies involved in:

    Fashion, jewellery and accessories, personal shoppers

    Cosmetics, aesthetics, perfumery, hairdressing, beauty


    Advertising agencies specialised in promoting events such as sector fairs, conferences and national and international fashion shows.

    Some of the jobs entrusted to Okodia

    National and international companies that work in the fashion and beauty sectors entrust different projects to the native translators of Okodia Translation Services, like for example:


    Translating the labels of their items of clothing into Polish, Arabic or Turkish

    Translating the application and instruction labels on cosmetic products such as moisturising creams, haircare products, firming lotions, perfumes, colognes, etc., into Russian

    Translating advertisements on social networks that promote seasonal fashion into Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish

    Translating specialised beauty and fashion blog articles into English.

    Direct benefits that a fashion, cosmetic or beauty firm obtains by entrusting its multilingual translations to Okodia Translation Services:

    • Their international reputation as a quality firm that understands, respects and cares for its customers is maintained and improved,
    • They save time in the international launch phase of a mass consumer product,
    • They multiply both the number of customers who demand their products and their own consumption needs,
    • They respect the terminology required by the different national and international authorities related to consumption and their own preferences,
    • Their investment in media, advertising and social networks is monetised.

    Do you need to translate your documentation for the fashion and beauty sector? Contact us right away, we speak the language of your customers!


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