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Is there anything better than a professional translator? Yes! Our team of professional online translators, who offer you a quick, high-quality translation service at a fair, competitive and fully transparent price.

At Okodia, we are professional translators and we want to tell you why you need us. Ready to start?

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    Do you need a professional translator specialised in medicine who offers a very high quality? Are you looking for a sworn translator for your personal, professional, academic or other documents? Do you perhaps need a complete team of professional translators who can become your company’s linguistic partner, helping you to export your products and services to the international market?

    Look no further, we are the most qualified translation agency in London with professional translators who will translate your documents based on each job type now. Some examples are:

    Translation services specialised in digital and conventional marketing, branding, naming, packaging, websites, SEO, SEM, audiovisual… Quality control and urgent deliveries tailored to your needs. Those are the two most important characteristics of Okodia’s team of translators for communication agencies around the world.

    We have experience in all types of jobs for all types of sectors.

    In digital marketing, we work on website content, keyword studies for international SEO and SEM, translation of advertisements, audiovisual, etc.

    We have worked with Okodia and it has been a great experience. They are professional and fast, even on weekends. We recommend them without hesitation.

    Isis y Marta,Shackleton

    If you are looking for a native translator specialised in tourism and marketing, you have come to the right website.

    Our team of native translators for the tourism sector offer the best prices on the market and, above all, the maximum quality for your projects in eco-tourism, wine tourism, hiking, adventure routes, family trips, health tourism, etc.

    You tell us what you need and the word count, and we take care of the rest.

    Professional and responsible agency! We have worked with Okodia for several tax documents and we will do it again. Always trying to improve.

    Ramón García,Todo para tu Hotel

    Legal translation is perhaps one of the most delicate and complex specialities in our sector. To carry out these types of project, it is necessary to have a translator specialised in law, with high theoretical knowledge and several years of real experience that allow them to perform a quick and error-free job. At Okodia, we have assembled an extensive team of these translators, men and women with a lot of experience who will take care of translating your commercial documentation into other languages, allowing you to save costs in the inevitable bureaucratic paperwork, submit all types of documentation to international public authorities, etc. Do you want to move into the international market without any problems? Choose Okodia Translation Services as your international linguistic partner.

    Quick, clear and very satisfactory response. After choosing their services and sending them the text, I later received it as agreed and with great agility. Professionals, highly recommended.

    Rebeca González,Corripio & Pendás Abogados

    At Okodia, we are accredited native translators

    Translators specialised in the audiovisual sector, in marketing and websites, in international law… But also in the cosmetics and fashion sector, in scientificfinancial and life sciences translation, in sports translation and more.

    As you can see, each professional translator at Okodia is specialised in one or more disciplines, and all of them have one extremely important thing in common: they are certified translators. This means that the men and women forming part of Okodia’s extensive team offer professional translations because:

     They have an official academic qualification in translation or are certified through having equivalent qualifications, and abide by the main ISO quality standards.

    In the case of the certified translators who deal with sworn translations in Spain, these translators have the corresponding official accreditation, a special qualification that is issued by the Spanish Foreign Office and is only obtained when the translator meets a series of requirements and successfully passes the official exams. Moreover, translators specialised in sworn translation in Catalan, Basque or Galician are also accredited by the Direcció General de Política Lingüística of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística of the Xunta de Galicia and the Cultural Department of the Basque Government, respectively.

    They have many years of experience as translators.

    In order to be a good translator, simply studying and gaining a qualification is not enough. To form a part of Okodia’s team of native translators, they must prove that they have several years of real experience translating every day.

    translator who wants to form part of our team must also demonstrate to us with facts (and not words) that they work with eagerness and enthusiasm, they always seek the best linguistic register for each project, that they do everything possible to meet the set deadlines, that they offer fantastic quality control in their work and more. In short, that they care and they want to continue to form part of the group of professionals required by our customers: the Okodia Translation Services group.

    “Many thanks for the services provided. Okodia has been our best translation provider by far.”

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