Translation Agency in London (UK)

Welcome to the Okodia translation agency in London

Our professional translation agency offers the best high quality translation services in the United Kingdom with ISO 9001 certification., such as:

  • A translation service covering the world’s main languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, and more. Whatever language you need for the translation, you will find it at our translation agency in London with the highest quality…
  • All kinds of general and specialised translations: certified, legal, audiovisual, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, sports, financial, marketing, SEO and more, done by native speakers.
  • A large team of native English translators with perfect knowledge of idiomatic uses, culture and customs of their language and country.
  • An interdisciplinary group of professionals specialising in the translation of personal, academic and business documents. In addition, to offer our translation services in London, we have brought together the best translators specialising in economics, finance, international law, advertising, communications, marketing, health sciences and more, in order to compete with other translation agencies in London and the rest of the United Kingdom.
  • We charge reasonable and realistic prices, reflecting the real complexity of your translation project.

What kind of jobs can our translation agency in London handle?

With our translation agency in London, the Okodia – Translation Group multidisciplinary team translates all kinds of analogue and digital documents into the language of your choice. For example:

  • Translation of business documents and for the public sector: multimedia presentations, web environments, online shops, company reports, all kinds of contracts, financial balance sheets, banking documentation, etc.
  • Translation of personal and academic documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, last wills and testaments, medical or credit histories, curriculums, reports on credits and courses, letters of recommendation, articles, theses, dissertations, and more.

Not sure what translation agency you need? Talk to our sales management team and project managers about the translation services that we offer for London. They can quickly and clearly explain things, allowing you to find the best solution for your business. You can find on us the best translation agency in the United Kingdom.


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Okodia – Translation Group (London)

     120 High Rd, East Finchley, London N2 9ED, UK

  +44 20 8089 0747

  [email protected]

  Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

Why become a client of our translation agency in London?

Hundreds of private and business clients have already entrusted their projects to our translation agency in London for several reasons, three of which stand out: speed, confidentiality and a good price.

1. Speed

We guarantee that our translation agency will always strictly meet the deadlines for your translation project. We are very aware that time is money.

2. Confidentiality

The translators working to provide our linguistic services have signed confidentiality agreements that legally protect all the private documentation that you entrust to us. In addition, if you need it, you can send us your own confidentiality agreement that we would be delighted to sign, offering a double guarantee and peace of mind.

3. Good price

For our translation agency, all customers are equally important regardless of the size of the project. We do not offer low-cost translation services, which inevitably involve compromising on quality. What we offer is the best possible professional translation service among the translation agencies in the UK at one of the most competitive prices in the market. Would you like to try it? Ask for your free online quote now. It is as fast and efficient as the services we offer you. We are waiting for you!