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“Okodia quickly and efficiently helped us with the certified translation of our presentations and offers for the foreign market into different languages: English, German, Russian and Chinese. It is important to emphasise that the offers are generated by us and translated by them in record time.”

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Quick, affordable and high quality certified translations

Certified translation is a branch of translation that deals with translating certain texts into other languages that are then treated as legal documents by an official authority. This task should be performed by experienced by translators who are normally members of an official body such as the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting. In their work, they certify that the content of the original document have been faithfully and fully translated into another language, and so they legally certify it with their signature.

Are you about to enter into a contract with a company from a Spanish-speaking country? In that case, you will need special translations and interpretations that our certified translators and interpreters can help you with.

Specialists in certified translations online

It is also important to know that a translator who signs a certified translation must possess solid theoretical and practical knowledge that enables them to understand and interpret each and every point contained in the document to be translated, in order to be able to certify their work. A certified translation is therefore an official document.

As you probably know, a simple misunderstanding or a wrong expression can change the meaning of a document in the business world. Therefore, these professionals must also be experts in your field.

We also offer certified translation services in all of the official languages in Spain: Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque. For these languages, our translators are certified by the Direcció General de Política Lingüística of the Government of Catalonia, the Secretaría Xeral de Política Lingüística of the Government of Galicia and the Department of Culture of the Basque Government, respectively.

If you require the translation of an official document that is valid for a country other than the United Kingdom, contact us with no obligation and we will inform you of the requirements of that country.


When do you need a certified translator?

There are various types of documents that require certified translations: contracts, business agreements, wills, fines, notarial powers, academic certificates, official claims, etc., content that must be translated, signed and certified by specific professionals.

In the United Kingdom, for example, more people require this type of service every day. See for yourself. Just type the keywords price certified translation London or, even more specifically, looking for certified translators in London into your favourite search engine. The first search brings up the most results, but both bring up more than a million hits. If you are still not convinced, you can try the same with certified translation Manchester or looking for certified translators in Manchester. As you will see, there is growing demand for one of the star products at Okodia Translation Services.

Certified translation is one of the special services offered by Okodia Translation Services that only official and specialised translators should perform.

Not all translators can provide a certified translation, although the requirements are different depending on the country where these documents are needed. A certified translator can produce documents that are accepted as legally valid by public bodies. In England, and for the English language, certified translators are normally members of an official body such as the Institute of Linguists or the Institute of Translation & Interpreting. This ensures that the professional has the skills and experience to carry out translations from a foreign language into English and vice versa. In other words, they are certified translators and interpreters.


Certified translation service in London and Manchester

Trusting Okodia with your certified translation will guarantee the quality of the end work and will also allow your company to save time and money. To facilitate this work, we provide a complete service to the whole of England thanks to our certified translation service provided from Manchester, from where we can quickly and easily reach almost any corner of the country, and with our certified translation service in London, which opens the door to the rest of the European continent. Thanks to these two fantastic locations, we can offer a job that suits your requirements in terms of deadlines. The best certified translations on the market at Okodia.

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Five reasons to trust our certified translators:

We know that simply giving some reasons to trust our work is relatively straightforward. However, we also accompany them with facts, as you can see in the direct feedback left by other customers like you on Google. A simple search for our name will give you a lot of information about the past experiences of other people or companies similar to yours. Those are the facts, and below we explain the reasons that lead to us achieving them.


Extensive range of languages.

We offer you a team of official certified translators who are qualified and trained to carry out translations into over 40 different languages. Our team is made up of certified translators from different countries, so we can provide a certified translation practically anywhere.


If your company requires various certified translations each month (law firms, employment or tax advisers, internationalisation companies, etc.), we offer important solutions adapted to your needs. If your company only needs one certified translation, we can offer you a personalised, reasonable and competitive quote. We also offer quick and affordable solutions to cover the needs of individuals who require this service at a certain time. No project is too small for us. If you need the service, we have the solution. Clear and simple.


In business agreement processes, your time is money. Therefore, we adapt to your work schedule and delivery times. To make the most of your budget and your work schedule, our professionals work on your project from the first day, from the first draft. This familiarises them with the terms of the future agreement and reduces the subsequent time needed for understanding and queries. In order to deliver certified translations, we work with the most important national and international express courier companies, trustworthy firms that guarantee the quality of the service provided and a timely delivery.


Your business documents are confidential. From the beginning, and no small print. For us, confidentiality is an obligation, and that is why we guarantee to keep any work a secret by offering to sign a confidentiality agreement. It is your guarantee.


As well as having a Civil Liability Insurance policy valid for the entire EU, Okodia is known for being a trustworthy company with a clear and transparent history. Dozens of customers are already satisfied. We let them speak for us:

Have you made up your mind? Don’t wait any longer, we translate as clearly as we speak.


“I have used Okodia’s services on several occasions (certified translations and an interpreter), and the results have been very satisfactory. They are professional, friendly and attentive. They have always looked for the best solution to my requests. I was sceptical at first because I had never needed translation services, but they have given me complete confidence. I will continue to work with them.”

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