Hotel and restaurant translation

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    Hotel and restaurant translation, Hotel and restaurant translation
    Hotel and restaurant translation, Hotel and restaurant translation
    Hotel and restaurant translation, Hotel and restaurant translation
    Hotel and restaurant translation, Hotel and restaurant translation
    Hotel and restaurant translation, Hotel and restaurant translation

    As we all know, there are many famous places in the world recognised for being excellent tourist destinations, where translation in the hotel and restaurant sector is essential.

    International visitors to different parts of Spain want more than sun and beach, World Heritage cities, incredible natural landscapes and luxury hotels and resorts. They want to delight their palates with new flavours.

    Translating menus and the fresh ingredients in each dish, translating traditional recipes, offering exquisite customer service, or customising products and services becomes a priority for the hundreds of thousands of companies and entrepreneurs involved in the restaurant and hotel sector.

    Hotel and restaurant translation: an international market

    International customers are travelling all over the world. Spain, Germany, Italy and France, among others, are the home countries of many people enjoying the local gastronomy. However, in recent years the demand for restaurant translations in Japanese, Chinese, Russian and other languages ​​has been growing thanks to visitors from other parts of the world, including countries such as Holland, Switzerland and Dubai. While many of these international customers may have some understanding of the trading language par excellence, English, any establishment wanting to stand out must offer a true personal service to its customers in their language, communicating with them in their native language and offering translations into Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish or Japanese, to name a few examples.

    If we are what we eat, translations of restaurant menus and other gastronomic and catering products are a sign of the quality the establishment offers its customers. Restaurant translation is as important for the stomach as it is for the customers’ happiness.


    Breaks down the language barriers


    traductor carta restaurante
    List of services
    Information brochure
    Complaints form
    Descriptive map of the leisure centre

    Increases customer loyalty


    However, at Okodia, we go one step further: in addition to offering our restaurant sector customers the possibility to translate restaurant menus, gastronomic recipes, websites, press releases and advertisements on social networks and in the media, etc., we guarantee a translation of their products and services that is tailor-made for the customer. In recent years, and thanks to diversity and tourism, we have seen many “Gay friendly” and “Chinese friendly” establishments that need specific translations; in short, we adapt to the tourist trends of these groups taking into account their consumption habits, offering them tailor-made translation solutions and services.

    traductores profesionales

    To summarise:

    In summary, whether you run a restaurant and need to translate a menu, you are a community manager for a hotel chain and need to translate articles for social networks or blogs, if you belong to a company in specific sectors and require a “gay friendly” translator for your documentation or “Chinese friendly” translations, or, in short, if you are from any other sector and you need to translate discounts, offers, etc. related to restaurants and accommodation, you are in the right place. We offer you a team of native translators who are experts in the language, culture, needs and expectations of your present and future customers.   Restaurants are an essential sign of the excellence of international tourism, and the translation of their communication materials (product and service lists, menus, websites, press releases, social networks and more) is the true factor that makes the difference between some companies and others.


    Do you want to be on the “Top-Chef” list of restaurants for the upcoming holidays? Start by translating your recipes into the languages spoken by your diners, your customers. Write to us now.