Translation of clinical trials

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    , Translation of clinical trials
    , Translation of clinical trials
    , Translation of clinical trials
    , Translation of clinical trials
    , Translation of clinical trials
    , Translation of clinical trials

    Medical translation and life science translation is one of the most highly demanded specialities on a national and international scale. In a globalised and permanently informed world, it is vital for healthcare professionals to share their knowledge, experiences, theories, studies and research with colleagues from different countries who speak different languages. You, as a professional in the healthcare sector, know the importance of this flow of knowledge and you also know how important it is for all the contents exchanged to be real, trustworthy and, above all, reliable. That is where a high quality medical translation comes into play.

    Customers of Okomeds, the department specialised in life science and healthcare translations at Okodia, ask us to translate specialised medical documentation of all kinds: from clinical trial protocols or ICD (informed consent documents) to Quick Diagnosis Consultations (QDC), patient and doctor records, instructions for use, abstracts of presentations, specialised web environments, etc.

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    Translation of clinical trials, where science starts

    Translate clinical trial protocols

    Translating a clinical trial protocol involves extensive and specific medical and scientific knowledge. A translator of clinical trial protocols must be proficient in both the standardised language accepted by the major International Health Organisations and Ethics Committees, and the specialised medical language used in the study or trial protocol. The translation must also be written in perfect language, error-free, with accuracy in both content and form.

    If you want to ensure that the translations of your protocols are perfect, write to us and we will propose the best solution with guarantees.

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    traductores profesionales

    Translate informed consent documents

    Translating an informed consent is another task performed by medical translators. In these types of document, doctors inform their patients about their illness, explain the medical procedures and obtain the patient’s consent. A translator of informed consent documents needs to use a linguistic register that can be understood by the patients, who are not experts in the matter, so it is essential to fully understand the topic being translated: translating informed consent documents implies converting technical language into another language, ensuring that the uninformed person understands the details of the document they need to sign but at the same time staying true to the source text. Ultimately, the parties responsible for ensuring that the patient understands what they are about to sign are the doctor, the person writing the informed consent document and, to a large extent, the translator who changes it into another language. A translator of informed consents must be familiar with and fluent in:

    • Medical terminology,
    • Colloquial language,
    • The standards accepted by the international medical community.

    Do you need to translate clinical trial protocols? Are you looking for a translator specialised in translating informed consents? You have come to the right place. Write to us now and speak to the department specialised in life science and healthcare translations. With the guarantee of Okodia Translation Services.


    Our institution has worked with Okodia several times, and we have always been very happy in terms of effectiveness, work and delivery deadlines, information, and feedback, as well as in terms of pricing and invoicing. We believe that their drive to improve and their proactive nature make Okodia a thoroughly trustworthy company which we will certainly continue to work in the future.

    Patricia Nadal(IRBB – Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute)

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