How we work

Although it may seem like a cliché, for the Okodia Translation Services team, every customer is unique because every translation project is unique, or to put it another way, all translation projects are unique because every customer is unique.

There is no such thing as a small project to us, because if something is sent to us, it is because the customer (you) considers it important to their company. We trust in your potential, and that is why we strive to help you.

We first analyse all translation tasks to determine the necessary resources.

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    This is how we work

    We first analyse all translation tasks to determine the necessary resources. In this way:

    • We save the customer time.
    • We choose the best professionals for the project: dedicated manager, specialised translators and any other professional relevant to the work (engineers, layout editors, etc.).
    • We implement technical resources.
    • We offer you a rate that is fair and adjusted to the real complexities of each job.
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    Steps we take when completing a translation

    Each and every translation project involving Okodia Translation Services goes through the following phases: Bear in mind that the phases of the process that apply to each task will depend on its specific features:


    Analysis of resources

    This part of the workflow is fundamental. Not only does it allow us to obtain the information needed to create a really fair quote, but it also allows us to select the best translation team to bring it to fruition.</p>
    <p>In the analysis phase we assess the customer’s need and determine the type of translation they need (such as general, legal, sworn, technical, tourism, audiovisual, financial or scientific), the language or languages into which the text will be translated, the time and resources needed to carry out the translation, and finally, we plan the deadlines and implementation of the project.

    Preparing the quote

    The preliminary analysis phase allows us to more accurately calculate the technical and human resources required to carry out each project. It also makes it easier for us to calculate the workload needed to carry it out and deliver it to the customer in the shortest possible time. That is why you will receive an exact quote.

    Selecting the work team

    Once the quote has been approved by the customer, a specific project manager takes the reins of the project and begins the production phase: selection of the most suitable translator or translators, collaboration with experts in the necessary area, selection of terminology resources and suitable reference material, etc.

    Translation and review

    When the translator delivers their first proposed translation of the text, the important review process begins. This process takes place in various stages and covers:

    - Conceptual review: carried out by an expert professional in the matter. For example, if the translation is technical, a professional specialised in the sector will be responsible for verifying the absolute accuracy of the concepts, technical vocabulary, etc.

    - Spelling, grammar and style review: carried out by a linguist native in the target language of the translation. This professional ensures that there are no human errors, spelling mistakes or typographical errors, also guaranteeing the consistency and coherence of the style.

    - Quality analysis: in this last phase, the key points of the project are analysed to ensure that the previous steps have been completed and that the work meets the established quality criteria.


    Final delivery to the customer

    Once the text has been translated (and laid out or certified, if applicable) and it has successfully passed the various control phases, the end result is sent to the customer in the required format. We also store all translations in our files so that, if needed, we can resume work on them, update them or resend them if they are lost. We make daily and weekly backups to different hard drives and physical spaces to ensure that all the documentation is always safe. We also comply with the requirements of the data protection law in order to guarantee any processing of personal data and confidentiality of the documentation.

    Customer feedback

    This point is very important to us as it helps us to assess our service and improve in some aspects. When the customer receives their translation, we are very grateful for their feedback on the result of the work, and also on the overall service provided and treatment received from us. For us, there is no better cover letter than the direct opinions of our customers. Since we don’t want to influence the results, you can see all the reviews we have received for yourself with a simple Google search.

    4 important advantages of entrusting your translations to Okodia Translation Services:

    You will receive a very high quality translation before you even receive the quote from many other translation agencies. We are big fans of reliability and professionalism. And we provide them.

    You guarantee the reliability and quality of the messages you send to the international market. Your cover letter is also our best business card.

    You exponentially increase the number of customers for your business. We help you to achieve this by getting involved in your project.

    You 100% monetise the investment made in the international process and in the exporting of products and services. We are your own translation department.

    “My experience with Okodia was fantastic from start to finish. Their project manager replied to me only 5 minutes after I wrote to them, they sent me the quote immediately after I sent the documents and before I knew it, the project was already underway, completed and delivered the next day. I have never been so impressed with a company. I have no doubt that Okodia would do an excellent job again. They have really convinced me and not only will I work with them again in the future, I will also recommend them to my friends. Thanks guys for such amazing service!”

    Samantha Cracknell-

    +50 million words translated into
    75 different languages