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    Travelling and getting to know cultures other than our own is one of the most pleasurable and enriching activities there is: we all love to enjoy, disconnect and immerse ourselves in new places and different experiences. In every country, the tourism sector is one of the biggest moneymakers in the local economy. One of the ways that hotels, restaurants and tourism websites can make themselves known to foreign tourists is through tourism translation.

    Imagine going to a hotel abroad and finding that all the signs are in a language you don’t understand. Tourism translation is essential to ensure that people feel at home on their holidays.

    The companies that make up this sector are very diverse: restaurants, hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, tour guides, car rental companies, etc. Thousands of professionals earn a living on a daily basis in a sector that goes hand in hand with tourism translation services.

    Through translation in the tourism sector, it is possible to reach a larger number of potential customers and expand the potential clientele of hotels, restaurants and tourism websites by translating valuable data or information into as many languages as possible. This work expands the target audience and makes communication much more effective.

    With the aim of improving communication and broadening the range of markets in the sector, tourism translation agencies like Okodia are necessary to promote activities and make tourism products accessible to foreign audiences.

    to gain customer loyalty:

    Tourism translation.

    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Tour operators
    • Travel agents
    • Tour guides
    • Car rental companies
    • Wine tourism
    • Photographic safaris
    • Trekking
    • Ecotourism
    • Adventure tours
    • Hot air ballooning
    • Tasting of gastronomic products

    The majority of flight, hotel and activity bookings are made online. In fact, according to a survey, 80% of consumers make their purchasing decisions based on information they find online.

    These statistics reinforce the idea that for the translation of websites, e-commerce and social media, it is best to rely on professional native translators. A booking website with translation errors generates mistrust in the potential customer and makes them opt for another website that offers the information in their native language, thus losing the sale. That is one of the main reasons for needing tourism translation services.

    It is also important to translate the contents of social networks and blogs using localisation, so that they adapt to the new market and avoid misunderstandings. We are all aware of the impact of a bad customer review on tourism portals such as Booking or Tripadvisor, so don’t think twice and trust a tourism translation agency.

    Tourism translation favours the rise of other types of tourism such as wine tourism, gastronomic tourism, hiking, ecotourism and gourmet tourism, among others. The tourism sector’s offer is very varied, and can be more tempting for a foreign public than for a local one.

    In short, a tourism translation agency such as Okodia can help you increase the number of potential clients for your company, improve your image in the eyes of the foreign public and offer products that are perfectly translated into all languages.


    Benefits of using a specialised translation agency for your company’s tourism translations


    You increase the number of potential customers for your business

    You convey a serious and professional image. This is your business card for the outside world and essential for your good corporate reputation

    You ensure that the quality of the translated end product (letter, brochure, menu, etc.) is perfect in all languages. You will speak the language of your customers.

    Some of the specific tourism translation services that we offer:

    Tourism translation of promotion catalogues

    Tourism promotion catalogues (paper and digital) are very popular with tourists from all over the world who want to know exactly where they are and what points of interest they can discover during their visit.

    These tourist information brochures need translating into the language of your customers with rigour and to a high quality, as they are one of the main work tools in the tourism sector.

    Interactive maps, audio guides, apps, etc.

    The team of translators at Okodia Translation Services has been localising and translating tourist information catalogues for many years. These range from digital supports such as online environments, knowledge games, interactive maps, audio guides, tourism apps, etc. to printed materials such as books, leaflets, signs, etc.

    The companies and professionals from the tourism sector that have entrusted their translations to us include, among others, hotel and rural accommodation, interpretation centres and environmental centres, car hire companies, etc.

    Translation of tourism apps

    In recent years, we have witnessed a real boom in tourism applications for smartphones. Applications giving suggestions on places to eat, currency exchange and route planning have become essential for tourists everywhere.

    At Okodia Translation Services we work not only with the developers of these types of technology, but also with their partners or customers who need to know which languages are the best to translate their app into. We help tourism companies to localise their apps in order to strongly enhance their good corporate reputation and their potential customer reach.

    Translation of restaurant menus

    What is the Spanish translation of sticky toffee pudding? What about fish and chips? How do you translate cottage pie into German? And lamb shank into French?

    Translating a restaurant menu is a complex and serious task that must be carried out by a translator specialised in catering and gastronomy, as these types of translations require expert handling of the target language. This means carrying out a prior localisation process and, of course, having an in-depth knowledge of the local gastronomy.

    Highlighting the best dishes

    Restaurants have many different ways to stand out from their competition: the quality of their dishes, the comfort of their establishment, exquisite customer service and, very importantly, their good reputation. Considering that the first impression is often what counts, do you know what menu you are going to offer your international customers?

    72% of consumers buy in their own language

    Did you know that over 72% of consumers prefer to buy products or services written in their own language? And that 62% state that obtaining information in their language is more important than the price of the product? (Data extracted from the report prepared by the Common Sense Advisory). Enticing customers by translating tourism documentation is very easy.

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    Advantages offered by Okodia Translation Services to guarantee the quality of your tourism translations

    We adapt the language to the specific features of each region and culture, to the expectations and customs of the millions of people who tomorrow will become part of your customer portfolio.

    Does your company need an excellent website translator? Do you want to hire the best translation agency to translate your website? Stop searching. You have come to the right place. Talk to us now.

    • Team of native translators in the target language for the translation.
    • Comprehensive process in the management of tourism translation projects: preparation of files, translation, proofreading and analysis of quality
    • Full confidentiality in all translation projects and in all their phases
    • Satisfaction guaranteed, proven by our customers:

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