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    sports translation, sports translation
    sports translation, sports translation
    sports translation, sports translation
    sports translation, sports translation
    sports translation, sports translation

    Are you involved in athletics, football, mountain biking or another sport? Are you one of those people who prefer extreme sports like rafting or perhaps mountaineering? Sports translation is undoubtedly what you need.

    Virtually all of us have a favourite physical activity and we do it whenever we get the chance. Okodia’s professional translators specialising in translating sports are no exception. We love sport and enjoy translating sporting content for all kinds of activities, both those considered the most popular (football, basketball, handball and motor racing) and those that have a more narrow appeal (chess, billiards and curling).

    In addition to being healthy, a love of sport is contagious and has generated hundreds of thousands of international athletes and spectators, as well as various industries and parallel economic activities:

    Manufacturers and distributors of sports equipment,

    Clubs and federations,

    Communication, advertising, merchandising and packaging agencies.

    Press articles, notes and releases,

    Specialised training courses,

    Specialised web environments,

    Technical journals,

    Instructions for sports equipment…

    Logically, all this economic activity generates a barrage of very different contents with one very important thing in common: the need to be translated by an agency specialised in sports translation and by its professional translators who have excellent linguistic skills and who absolutely love the world of sport. That allows them to convey their passion in the technical sports texts they translate. It is clear that if you love what you do, the result will be better than good, it will be excellent.


    Main characteristics of specialised sports translations

    Every sport has its own jargon, a vocabulary that the audience demands and that the translator specialising in sports must speak, understand and, most importantly, know how to translate with passion, rigour and efficiency from one language into another.

    Furthermore, the economic activity generated by sport is as competitive as the sport itself. The number of international consumers and spectators of sports-related products is high, and all these companies and professionals need their customers if they are to remain in the market, offering these customers added value and speaking their language. In short, the job is to translate content into the language and culture of the market to provide a better service.

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    Types of customers who require specialised sports translation services:

    Nowadays, many customers from different fields request the professional services of translators and translation agencies specialised in sports content. Some examples are:

    Clubs and federations,

    Specialised media: magazines, websites, television and radio stations, press agencies, etc.,

    Advertising agencies,

    Audiovisual producers,

    Communication departments of sports organisations,

    Communication departments of sports organisations,

    Manufacturers and distributors of sports material,

    Leisure companies offering sporting activities.

    5 benefits that Okodia offers to companies in need of a specialised sports translation:


    International reputation for quality in the sector, a positive image that differentiates it from its direct competition.

    High-quality translations delivered to deadline, meeting the strict deadlines demanded by sporting activities.

    Reaching a larger number of potential customers and end consumers.

    Use of the specific terminology of each customer or the official sporting organisations.

    Optimisation and profitability of the investment in multilingual translation.

    Okodia Translation Services offers different specialised sports translation services

    Of course, we deal with translating content for individual and team sports such as football, basketball, handball, tennis and motor racing, and we also translate content for other lesser-known sports such as weightlifting, rhythmic gymnastics and swimming.

    At Okodia, we are also specialists in translating content related to sports that are traditionally practised mostly in specific countries and that are gradually gaining fans across the rest of the world, such as baseball and rugby.

    American football, running, tennis, sport fishing, rhythmic gymnastics, javelin, pool, archery… whatever your sport, contact your agency specialised in sports translations now.