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    Translation of blogs and newsletters, translation of blogs and newsletters
    Translation of blogs and newsletters, translation of blogs and newsletters
    Translation of blogs and newsletters, translation of blogs and newsletters
    Translation of blogs and newsletters, translation of blogs and newsletters
    Translation of blogs and newsletters, translation of blogs and newsletters

    Practically all companies with a presence on the Internet have their own blog, and many of them update it with a certain regularity. Google values the addition of new content when determining web positioning. Blog articles are an excellent tool for discussing the issues that matter to your company’s customers and are the perfect location for creating and linking posts, comments and tweets in the social networks. But don’t limit yourself to that! Why not launch your web content internationally? Translating blogs and newsletters is a very powerful tool in this sense.

    Your audience: essential for translating blogs and newsletters

    Translating your blog into Spanish, or translating its entries into French, Japanese, Arabic, etc., is an important decision that involves taking into account various factors:

    • Where do your customers come from, or what market do you want to target?

    Take a look at your analytical tools (Google Analytics, among others). If your target market is in Spain, Germany or Russia, you should translate your blog into Spanish, German or Russian.

    • What are the objectives of your blog?

    If your objective is to attract new customers or improve the loyalty of your existing ones in countries such as France, Turkey, China or Portugal, you should translate your blog into French, Turkish, Chinese or Portuguese… Remember that they will feel much more comfortable reading in their own language.

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    How can you translate your blog?

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    2 tips if you have decided to translate your blog or newsletter:


    1. Work with a translator who understands the main blogging tools to get the most out of your translated content. Translating WordPress or Blogger is as simple as writing relevant, quality content that attracts new customers to your company.

    2. Choose a translation agency in London with CMS experience, professionals who specialise in translating with content management systems. This will help you save time when updating your content into different languages ​​when you decide to translate your blog or your Mailchimp campaign. Did you know that you can create a brand by translating the contents of a blog? Take advantage of it!

    3 vital reasons to translate your website without errors

    Benefits of translating your website


    Increase Google search engine visibility in the language of your customers


    Help with your company’s internationalisation by being able to speak to your customers in their own language


    Increase sales opportunities with more potential customer contacts

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    Blogs and newsletters, two key tools to improving loyalty and selling:

    All marketing experts agree that blogs and newsletters are the best digital loyalty and sales tools. When a user regularly reads your blog or voluntarily subscribes to your newsletter, it is because they are interested in what you have to say. From there it is just one step to making a sale or selling a service. If you also decide to have a high quality translation of this content, can you imagine how much your potential sales could multiply? Reaching the international market by translating content is as simple as it is profitable. By translating your blog and newsletters:

    • your promotion and sales message will be received directly by your best consumers,
    • your international customers will buy more because you are speaking to them in their own language,
    • your potential international customers will share your messages on their social networks,

    Thus growing the conversion. There’s no time to lose! Languages will also help you to double your blog visits.

    Have you made your decision? We are the best professional team for translating blogs and newslettersWrite to us now.