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    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia
    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia
    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia
    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia
    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia
    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia
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    Would you like to improve your website? You can with the WPML plugin. This plugin allows you to easily translate any website hosted on WordPress. That’s really useful since WordPress is used across 20% of the entire Internet.

    WPML offers you a much simpler and more direct way to request website translation services for pages hosted on WordPress. Your website will look much more professional as this plugin means that the professional translators at Okodia will take care of your translations.

    Benefits of translating WordPress websites

    • Increases the amount of content you have for your positioning on the Internet.
    • Increases the number of visits to your website or blog.
    • Allows you to find customers in other countries.
    • Demonstrates your ability to write in other languages.
    • Conveys a good image to customers interested in your services.

    How WPML works

    To easily manage a multilingual website you must first install the WPML plugin in your WordPress site. The plugin is a simple way to manage languages on your website. You simply need to choose the languages you want to translate your website into and then search for, activate and authenticate Okodia in WPML > Translation Services.

    You will need a token to authenticate Okodia and connect it with your website. Use the form below to obtain your token and connect with Okodia:


    Once you have established the connection, you simply need to select the content that you want to translate from the WPML Translation panel and Okodia will automatically receive your translation request. When translations are finished, they will appear on your site, ready for publication.

    WPML allows for translations into more than 40 languages. In addition, you can add your own varieties such as Canadian French or Mexican Spanish by using the WPML languages editor.

    You can organise different content into the same domain, subdomains or completely different domains.

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    WPML, translation wordpress wpml okodia

    How can I find out how many words my website contains?

    One of the most important issues when translating a website hosted on WordPress is how to use a word counter. The number of words on the website will determine the cost of translating it and the length of time required for the translation. The WPML word count tool allows you to find out the number of words on the website as a whole or in different parts of the website.

    Before starting any translation project it is important to know how much it will cost and how long it will take. Okodia’s services are charged by the word. So to understand the total cost it is essential to know how many words are going to be translated.


    First steps with WPML

    To install WPML, you need to:
    • Choose the current language of the website.
    • Select the languages you want to add, although these can also be added at a later time.
    • Choose the order in which the languages appear, what to do when content in one language is not translated, the menu where they will be shown along with some options, a widget area in which to display the language selector if you so wish and whether or not to also display it in the footer or in blog entries.
    • Lastly, WPML asks you to enter the code to receive automatic updates.
    • Next you will have to define the structure of the URLs that the website will use to display the different languages. To do this, go to the WPML tab in the WordPress admin area and click on “Language URL format”.


    01 Clients: Reach more clients from other languages with a LOCAL flow and language > professional image
    02 Image: Show an international and open-minded image of your company
    03 Internationalisation: Boost the internationalisation of your company
    04 Investment: Quick return on investment with great results

    Once you have finished this initial setup you can start to translate the website.

    Why wait? Take advantage of our system for easily translating your WordPress website and expand the boundaries of your website.


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