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    Translation and localisation of software, translation localisation software
    Translation and localisation of software, translation localisation software
    Translation and localisation of software, translation localisation software
    Translation and localisation of software, translation localisation software
    Translation and localisation of software, translation localisation software
    Translation and localisation of software, translation localisation software

    We have been seeing incredible growth in the so-called ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) for some years. Quick and easy access across the entire world to smart mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), together with the greater usability of software and apps, has led to a new great cultural, sociological and economic revolution: the technological revolution.

    Nowadays, there are millions of freelancers and companies worldwide developing software for Google, Microsoft and Apple, among others, on platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS, mainly. These companies and professionals have their own peculiarities, but they all share one common need: to localise and translate their products into the languages spoken by their end customers.


    Why localise?

    Localisation, or software translation, is a great help for developers of software, apps or video games, as thanks to this process they can adapt their products or services to the local characteristics of each specific market. In other words, the software translator is responsible for transferring a text from one language into another, being very careful to take into account the culture of the target market, as well as using the specific vocabulary of each brand. Thanks to this process, the end consumers can enjoy a product that they feel very comfortable with from the start. It is undoubtedly a task that is very profitable for our customers.


    Main benefits of using Okodia Translation Services for your localisation services

    All multilingual products your company sells will have the same style, the one that you want to convey to your customers. We are talking about your style.

    You will have the experience of a team of native translators used to working under pressure.

    We will apply linguistic quality controls designed specifically for your projects, so that the consistency and quality of all phases of the localisation work can be verified.

    We will test your products to guarantee the usability of the end product.

    We will create specific translation memories and we will work with translation tools to reduce delivery times and ensure consistency between translations.

    We will reduce the cost of your translations, as in the event of any updates, you will only have to pay for texts that are modified or added, therefore making your investment profitable.

    Did you know that when translating some languages, ​​the result is sentences up to 30% longer and this affects the GUI of the translated product?


    Some localisation services that we offer:

    Localisation of software

    Thanks to our team of computer engineers, we analyse the architecture of your product, extract the software chains and send them to be translated.

    We then incorporate these texts into the GUI, adapt the size of the windows and menus so that the space is right for the length of the translation, check that these changes maintain the usability of the product and the design of its functional and aesthetic elements, and finally, we compile and test all the software.

    An all-in-one service: you create and we localise.

    Localisation of help and translation of associated documentation

    90% of the population is usually loyal to the brand of products they consume. The differences between each brand are not just aesthetic, they are also functional. The terminology used both in your software and your user manuals is your own, original and not interchangeable. An agency specialised in software localisation and translation must not only have a thorough understanding of the different target markets for the products, but must also handle the terminology and communication style of each manufacturer with ease. For example, talking about “programs” is not the same as talking about “applications”.

    In this software creation and marketing process, help and the related documentation is key to selling that product. Likewise, so is the execution time of each project. Developers work at a hectic pace, and a good localisation agency should be able to keep up with that pace in all product updates.

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    At Okodia Translation Services, we offer all types of localisation solutions

    • Multi-platform apps
    • Video games
    • E-learning and remote training courses
    • Intranets and extranets
    • e-commerce
    • CRM and ERP
    • Etc.

    If your company develops software, contact your new partner now. We know your sector, your market and your customers. Now we need to get to know you.


    “I love the simplicity and reliability of their work. Okodia helped us to translate various offers into various languages. The result was fantastic. Even complex issues such as technologies. The translations were perfect and the delivery time was unbeatable. Hopefully this new relationship will last for many years and we will be able to keep using them. Congratulations!”

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