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“Working with Okodia has been a great experience. They are very fast and professional, even at the weekend. We would recommend them without a doubt!”

Isis y Marta,Shackleton
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    Experts in languages and communication

    Our advertisers work in a complex economic environment, deal with increasingly informed and demanding international consumers, and also compete daily with companies from different countries that offer more favourable prices to their customers.

    To deal with this situation, Okodia Translation Services is your specialised partner in professional native translations. We take care of translating your customers’ messages into other languages at fair and economical rates. We are a collaborator with a good reputation in multilingual translation for communications and advertising companies.

    Just as communication is essential, professional translation is a vital tool for communications agencies that want to grow. Are you ready to achieve all your goals? We’ll give you a hand!

    Do you work in the area of communications and advertising?

    Congratulations! You belong to one of the professional sectors most affected by the so-called communications revolution. Professional translation for communications agencies will help you to improve your daily tasks.

    The way we communicate has changed. But don’t worry. The changes are always for the better and translation for communication agencies helps companies relate to the market (customers), the products and services, and also the communication channels in a more effective way.

    The traditional media channels (press, radio, television and film) have been joined by Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and many more. This has created a melting pot of different communication channels with a common feature: they all use their own language that advertisers know and that professional translators must help them to interpret and disseminate internationally.

    Time is money

    We can give you many reasons to use our translation agency, such as the fact that, for example, with the help of a professional translation you can massively increase your potential target market, but you already know that. What if instead we simply tell you that we understand that your time is money?   “I want this doing yesterday; it is an urgent translation”. This is one of the phrases heard most by advertisers and communication specialists in their daily lives. As intermediaries between companies and their markets, communications and advertising agencies face many important challenges, but only one is almost vital: being faster than the competition. Preparing and sending an urgent press release, coordinating the launch of a product simultaneously in various countries with their respective urgent translations, echoing a viral message and promoting a multi-platform event with a few hours’ notice are “our daily bread”.   In this scenario, where does a multilingual translation agency fit in? Everywhere. At Okodia Translation Services, we are aware that the success of your communication projects often depends on a couple of hours, or even minutes. That is why we guarantee the delivery time of your urgent translation. Speed, with reliability and professionalism. Simple and available to you and, most importantly, your customers.


    Services to succeed in communicating

    Web environments

    As the website of one of our important customers says, the Internet “is a conversation” and that is how a web environment should be treated: like an ongoing relaxed chat between a company and its customers.

    At Okodia Translation Services, we translate the websites of agencies and communications agencies, and also those of their customers. Translations in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Catalan, Basque, Galician and many more. These multilingual web environments that are characterised by something as simple as it is profitable: two-way high quality communication between the company and the consumers.

    Our professional native translators, in coordination with the programming and SEO departments of the customer’s company, work on web projects such as:

    • virtual stores,
    • specific corporate and product websites,
    • virtual campuses,
    • collaborative environments,
    • Intranets and extranets, etc.

    Did you know that there are currently over 1 billion active websites in the world, and that English is no longer as dominant as it was?



    Did you know that when television became popular, many experts claimed that radio was finished? The same thing is currently happening with two alleged opponents on the media stage. Conventional press and the online media.
    Time will tell if there is still a role for the printed press in our digital society, since digital journalism and news content, a priori, have many more benefits than the old paper format.

    We carry out urgent translations because, whatever happens in the future, what matters is what is happening in the present. So, at Okodia we support advertising creatives by translating different media products for them and their customers, such as:

    • advertorials: modules, columns, pages, web ads, banners, etc.,
    • newspaper articles (informative or advertising),
    • interviews,
    • news items,
    • press releases…

    Did you know that the digital versions of newspapers are among the most visited websites? Their websites are very rich in content are very frequently updated.



    “A picture is worth a thousand words”, or so they say. But… what if we have a thousand words? You have to translate them, right?

    Advertising and publicity professionals use images to tell a story and convince people, but these images are generally accompanied by texts or are used as a base to create infographics.

    From static advertisements on posters to the current advertising devices that are tailor-made to the consumer, including interactive videos, classic advertising spots, video clips, etc.

    The messages created through sound and image are still one of the “secret” weapons used by advertisers and these messages must be understood by your end customers, no matter what language they speak.


    Social media

    99% of companies and professionals involved in communication and advertising offer their customers the creation, management and energising of the social networks of their companies.

    Creation of corporate profiles on Linkedin, energising and management of social communities on Facebook, enriching conversations through Google+ or the dissemination of viral messages on Twitter are some of the urgent translation services carried out by Okodia to support these imaginative communication professionals.


    Did you know that the world’s first advertisement is over 5,000 years old?

    A piece of Egyptian papyrus located in Thebes shows that the art of persuasion is thousands of years old.

    The document is actually offering a reward for the return of an escaped slave, but the text accompanying the description of the escape is quite a slogan; after the appeal for the slave’s “search and capture” we find a description of the place where the lucky person who finds him has to return him: “to the store where the most beautiful fabrics are woven to the taste of each customer”. As you can see, it is an old, authentic and very effective advertising claim.

    Add your name to the list of prestigious communications professionals and agencies who have entrusted their projects to Okodia Translation Services for years. Talk to us.

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    “I found Okodia by chance but from the beginning the commercial relationship has been unbeatable, the service is very fast and professional, no matter how technical the text to be translated is. They really know what they are doing. In terms of value for money, and based on my experience with other translation agencies, they have no competition. Thanks for your work and keep it up.”

    Vivi Suárez(Magical Art Studio)

    +50 million words translated into
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