Why trust in Okodia?

The main reason is that, as you can see for yourself, Okodia Translation Services is the preferred agency of a wide variety of customers in different sectors. Large companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and even individual customers entrust their projects to our team of professional translators.

Do you know why? See for yourself, in their own words, some of the reasons why they have chosen Okodia over all other translation agencies in th UK.

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    What they say about us

    Good, quick service. No hassle, they simply get the job done. Communication by e-mail and service performed online. Great price (for Barcelona!) They trust you and, in the same way, you also trust them, naturally. And for good reason! It is clear that the service is carried out by professionals with common sense and a professional approach. Thank you!

    Emine Vala
    Solution 01

    Improve your internationalisation.

    While every business sector is unique and different, we all have something important in common: we share the same economic outlook and the same difficulties in positioning ourselves and maintaining a strong presence in a globalised market.

    A large number of companies like yours find a viable solution outside our borders every day. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania are ten countries with a so-called “emerging” economy, a market niche in which English companies, your company, can and must enter.

    So, by working with Okodia, you quickly solve the main obstacles to attracting those millions of potential customers:

    1. We have real knowledge of the culture and idiosyncrasies of each country.
    2. We have perfect knowledge of the language in which you want to sell.

    Having a partner like Okodia Translation Services will solve these two problems at once, because:

    >> We have the best native translators in the language in which you are going to sell. It has been shown that offering your products in your customers’ native language considerably increases sales. That is why our customers keep coming back.

    >> Our translation team works in over 40 languages. That is why you achieve a global presence in just one step.

    Solution 2

    Your specific needs, our specific, personalised solutions.

    If every person is a world, every company is a universe. At Okodia Translation Services, we are much more than a simple service provider: we are truly involved in your project. We analyse your needs from a realistic point of view and, with a realistic attitude, we offer you specific solutions to specific needs. At Okodia, we do not theorise: we act and we solve.

    One of the features that our customers value the most is the level of personalisation and commitment. At Okodia, your company is not just another number, it is a name with its own story. We are people and we work for people. We are not an “entity”, we are a team of professionals who work for a person: for you.

    Insurance agencies, banks, consultancies, communication agencies, telecommunications companies, law firms, dental clinics, beauty salons, dog grooming salons, veterinarians, shops, law firms, construction companies, architecture studios and more. Every company and every professional in our country has a common need: to grow and become established in the market. Okodia Translation Services has a value, that of being the linguistic partner that knows your end customer and knows how to translate your messages quickly, professionally and at competitive rates.

    Are you convinced yet? Write to us and see for yourself.

    , Why trust in Okodia

    To summarise, if your company:

    • Wants to optimise the investment made in its international projects.
    • Needs to make the most of the budget set aside for translating its products and services.
    • Wants to successfully enter markets in emerging countries.
    • Wants to obtain the maximum income from foreign tourists who visit our country.
    • Needs to expand its customer portfolio to include people and companies who speak other languages.
    • Has any reason to speak other languages.

    Then you have just found the best translation solution: Okodia Translation Services offers this to you here and now. You just have to take the first step; we will do the rest together.

    “Very professional. The translation was quick and committed, ensuring that it represented the specific language of the professional field of the products, etc. We will use them again.”

    Horticola de Pedralbes-

    +50 million words translated into
    75 different languages

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