Okodia Group

To offer the best service, Okodia – Translation Group has established three distinct departments:


Since 2005, we have had our own department within the company to work exclusively on medical, pharmaceutical and clinical trial translations. We believe that these translations require very specialised knowlege and extensive experience in the translation of documents related to life and health sciences. Thus we must have a highly qualified team with experience in this industry.

The Okodia native translators who are part of Okomeds are professionals with extensive experience translating, for example:

  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Informed consent forms (ICF)
  • Drug prospectuses
  • Scientific papers
  • Laboratory manuals and results
  • Clinical device manuals
  • Patients’ medical reports
  • Etc.

Okomeds’ specialities are as broad as the medical, biological and pharmaceutical specialities we serve (oncology, urology, ophthalmology…) You can find more information in our specific website: www.okomeds.com


We specialise in the translation of legal documents and in sworn translations. Our main clients are banks, notarial offices, law firms, advisory services, etc. as well as private clients. Our specialised native translators provide legal translations of different documents, such as, for example:

  • Contracts
  • Academic certificates
  • Civil registry certificates
  • Wills
  • Fines
  • Credit documents
  • Powers of attorney
  • Etc.

In Iuratum we also translate into the main market languages the various financial documents generated by any company, such as, for example, profit and loss accounts, financial reports, accounting documents, management reports, etc. You can find more information in our specific website: www.iuratum.es


The heart of the Okodia Group shares its name. The professionals in this department translate any documents which, due to their origin, are not referred to Iuratum or Okomeds. The Okodia team of professional translators translate various texts into other languages for companies from practically every industry. For example:

  • Audiovisual industry: subtitling and dubbing of ads, short and feature films, video clips, multimedia presentations…
  • Tourism industry: catalogues, interactive maps, apps, menus, restaurant menus, etc.
  • ICT industry: localisation of computer architecture and software, translation of videogames, technical documents, webinars

Okodia also provides translations for private clients, such as, for example, CVs, contracts, birth certificates, family record books, personal items, etc.

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Medical translation

Did you know that one of the types of translation that bear the highest degree of responsibility is medical translation? More specifically, life sciences translation and the translation of health-related topics.
Just a mere comma in the wrong place in the translation of a clinical trial protocol can lead to significant delays in the acceptance of the trial by ethics committees.

Sworn translation

Sworn translation is the field of translation, in which certain texts which have (or may come to have) legal effects with an official body, are translated into another language. This type of translation can only be performed by a sworn translator.

Many texts require a sworn translation: