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    website translation, website translation
    website translation, website translation
    website translation, website translation
    website translation, website translation
    website translation, website translation

    If you need information from a website but it isn’t translated into your language, would you bother visiting it again? This is what happens to many users when they find a website that is only one language, or in many languages but not the one they speak. The translation of websites must be a priority in improving communication with website visitors and, in short, with customers.

    Translate to improve your image

    Do you need a good website translation of your corporate website? Are you looking for online website translators because you need a professional translation of your e-commerce services or your website? Do you have a blog in different languages as an international showcase for your activity? And no, we are not talking about an automatic translator like Google, that comes up with nonsense for your potential customers. We are talking about the professional translation of websites, about hiring a website translator with proven experience, in short, about commissioning professional translations that convey your corporate image and communicate your messages, free from errors and with the local nuances necessary for important messages, a website translator who, with their work, manages to sell your products and services better and in greater volumes. A team of online website translators who will not drag their feet when it comes to telling you how much they charge to translate a website, but who will instead offer you a quote that is transparent from start to finish, with no small print.

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    website translation, website translation

    We are your website translators


    Translating your website is, possibly, one of the most economic and profitable investments you could make in your website in the medium and long term.

    Translating websites, translating your corporate website, is one of the key solutions suggested by economic experts for growing your business. In fact, the translation of websites improves the web positioning (SEO) of the site, regardless of which specific website we are talking about.

    Hiring a professional website translator will increase your customer portfolio. A good website translator will allow you to reach your potential customers abroad by presenting your company in their local language. In a nutshell: translating websites is equivalent to increasing your visibility and productivity.

    Hiring a professional team of online website translators guarantees that you will get the best return from your investment in website translation.

    The whole world knows your company through your website. The image customers around the world have of you is the one you convey through your website (including in other languages).

    A translated website environment, regardless of whether it is the translation of an online store or the translation of a blog, allows you to multiply your market around the world by a factor of 100.

    Why translate your website?

    01 Customers

    You will reach more customers in other languages with your own style and expression

    02 Image

    You will give your company a more international and open image.

    03 Internationalisation

    It will be a big step in the internationalisation of your company.

    04 Investment

    It offers a quick return on investment and great results

    Everything you can translate on your website

    There are millions of reasons to use a professional translation services partner such as Okodia Translation Services to translate any of your company’s communications:

    In addition, there are four very important reasons why you should leave your digital communication in other languages in the hands of professions:


    Almost 1.2 billion people in the world have Chinese as their mother tongue.

    Almost 340 million people communicate in English.

    223 million people speak Arabic.

    202 million people speak Portuguese, 162 million speak Russian and 122 million speak Japanese.
    traductores profesionales

    Different studies such as “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters to Global Marketing – Donald A. De Palma” or “Forrester Research” find that:

    • Around 90% of users spend most of the time connected to pages written in their own language.
    • Of the people who make purchases over the Internet, 60% do so on websites written in their own language.
    • 100% of Internet users stay longer on pages that they can read in their own language. The longer they stay, the more chance there is of the final conversion: the purchase of your company’s products and services.

    Four key reasons to translate your website:

    1. You will reach hundreds of thousands of customers who do not speak the same language as you. Have you thought about how much additional income this could bring into your business?

    2. You will create a good image in the market of an international, strong and established company.

    3. You will quickly see a return on your investment in communication and expansion.

    4. You will strengthen your company’s internationalisation strategy and also your virtual communication strategy. Don’t let your competitors who translate their websites get ahead of you!

    How do we do it?

    • We analyse your website
    • We translate the texts so that they sound native (retaining all the local nuances)
    • We work with native professional translators
    • We translate all the texts (also the text of the images)
    • We maintain the internal code. You just have to import it and you are ready to go!
    • We test the functionality and integrity of the translations

    How can we help you?


    Okodia Translation Services works with professional translators specialised in different areas related to the translation of your website. The first thing the website translator does is analyse your website environment and localise and prepare all the texts to translate: web page content, image texts, meta descriptions, titles, metatags, keywords, etc.

    A team of native professional translators, specialised in your sector, will translate the texts without touching the internal code. This guarantees the effectiveness of the message you transmit in your own language.

    A team of testing experts will check the functionality and integrity of the translated versions of your web environment.

    To summarise:

    We adapt the language to the specific features of each region and culture, to the expectations and customs of the millions of people who tomorrow will become part of your customer portfolio.

    Does your company need an excellent website translator? Do you want to hire the best translation agency to translate your website? Stop searching. You have come to the right place. Let’s talk.


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