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    Are languages necessary in finance? The answer is yes. Whether you run a small or medium-sized business (or even a large corporation), you will need specialised translation to grow your business, and financial translation is essential. 

    Why translate financial and economic documents? Globalisation, the process of internationalisation on which hundreds of companies of all sizes have embarked, has driven all kinds of companies to expand to other countries, internationalise products and services to access new customers and open up new avenues for economic growth.

    Financial translation UK plays a key role in this process. Imagine you decide to work with American, Asian, African or European partners or to market your products in other countries. These ‘international commitments’ will oblige you to acquire commercial and fiscal commitments specific to the place where they are established. Financial documents that need to be written in another language.

    Financial documents to be translated

    One of the reasons why dozens of companies entrust their financial translations to Okodia is the need for a reliable partner to guarantee the quality of their financial and economic translations.

    Okodia’s professional translators will take care of adapting balance sheets, accounts reports, payrolls, contracts, agreements, stock market quotations and feasibility reports, among other documents, to the language of the place where the business is carried out. In this international scenario, it is essential to have a linguistic partner, a specialised translation agency in London that is responsible for translating these important economic and financial documents with rigour, accuracy, transparency and, very importantly, absolute confidentiality. We are committed to the growth of your business. Are you betting on financial translation?

    Main advantages of having the advice of a translation company specialising in financial matters:

    • Your company uses all the tax terminology specific to the place where you do business.
    • You ensure that the contents of your documents are adapted to the culture and idiosyncrasies of each territory.
    • You increase the quality of the translation of your documents, which will speed up the closing of your business deals.

    Did you know that the economy of emerging countries has grown seven times faster than that of the United States in the last decade and that business in these countries is conducted in languages other than English?

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    Financial translation services

    Translation of annual accounts and profit and loss accounts

    Although many economic guidelines are shared among European countries, there are many important tax differences between member states. If your objective is to work in Asian, American, Arab or African countries, these differences are multiplied.

    When a company decides to operate in another country, it must be fully aware of the different fiscal and economic peculiarities of that country. In addition, these companies must choose a specialised translation agency that is also aware of the importance of knowing these particularities and is fluent in their professional jargon (tax rates, taxes, capital gains, etc.).

    Financial and economic translators cannot simply transfer words from one language to another; they need to know the ins and outs of the economy of the place where the documents will be presented, the special vocabulary they must respect and the details that cannot be lost in the translation process.


    Translation of stock exchange documents

    Within the field of economic and financial translation, stock exchange documents are particularly delicate. Their translation must be faithful and rigorous for several reasons, but perhaps the main one is that they are the instruments that will allow trading in many different ways on the world’s main stock exchanges.

    Okodia – Translator Group provides companies with qualified translators who are experts in securities and securities; professionals who know the ins and outs of the main European, American and Asian stock exchanges and who are fluent in the main stock indexes. These professional translators are responsible for adapting stock market documentation to the specific vocabulary of each country and each economic market.


    Other economic translations

    Our translators specialised in economics and finance also carry out other types of translations in the sector, for example:

    • Management reports
    • Corporate social responsibility reports
    • Banking documentation
    • Accounting documents
    • Financial reports
    • Economic justifications
    • Grant applications and justifications
    • Etc.

    The main advantages of working with Okodia Translation Services are as follows:


    You have a translation team expert both in the local language and in economics and finance.

    You ensure the absolute confidentiality of any financial figures included in your documentation.

    You are dealing with a linguistic partner who is an expert in the professional jargon and who perfectly knows the ins and outs of the particular market in which you are going to operate.

    Tell us what you need and we will give you a viable solution.


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