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“We have been working with Okodia for a year and they have met all our requirements: professionalism, speed and quality, as well as a good price. After working with many other companies, we have found the best for the translation of technical texts and documents.”

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  • Professional native technical translators
  • Accurate rates with no surprises
  • Quality guarantee
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Did you know that translating a technical manual for a tractor and translating a quality report for an urbanisation are two very different things? There are many professional sectors which have their own specific terminology as a result of the scientific language involved and this must be taken into account for the translation. This includes machinery instructions, architecture, the automotive trade, construction and renewable energies, to name just a few. Therefore, we believe the translation of technical texts and documents is essential.

The sectors are all very different: the way they express themselves, the target audience, the different fields of action, and the professional jargon handled by each industrial sector. For this reason, translating documents, translating technical engineering texts and translating technical documents on architecture or in any other field require a professional document translator, a technical translator like those you will find in Okodia’s team of professional technical translators.

If you put a lot of care into your technical documents, you should demand the same from the technical translations you need, for the translation of both documents and your corporate or technical websites. Translating technical documents is not a trivial matter, it is your international calling card and with Okodia, you have the guarantee that it will be done well. The translation of technical texts and documents requires special work that must be carried out by professional technical translators, by a document translator who has extensive experience as a general translator and, above all, who has specialised in translating documents from your industrial sector. We consider this essential when offering technical translation services.

How to translate technical texts professionally to ensure they are a success overseas

Using an agency with professional technical translators give you guarantees

Cómo traducir textos técnicos
  • Own terminological characteristics
  • Professional technical translators
  • Specialised coordinator experienced in technical translations
  • Special production of technical translations
  • Extensive knowledge of the professional jargon
  • Extensive experience in the industrial sector


  • Architecture and construction
  • Renewable energy
  • Chemicals
  • Technical translations for telecommunications

At Okodia Translation Services, we are very clear about this. Our team of professional native translators specialised in the translation of technical texts and documents will be responsible for translating your technical words, into Spanish, Japanese or any language you need. Okodia’s work system allows technical translators to carry out a high quality translation of any type of translation, because they have:

  • Extensive specific knowledge of your professional jargon, of the language inherent to your work field, which they will deploy in the translation of your texts.
  • The support of specialised professionals in the review of technical texts.
  • The support of a project coordinator who is always working to make sure you get the most out of your project and who will ensure both that deadlines are met and that your final budget is well used.

Every professional translator at Okodia Translation Services is specialised in the most important technical sectors, such as:


The professional multilingual translations that Okodia carries out for the automotive sector.

  • Reliable, accurate and rigorous: reviewed by a specialised technician who is external to the translation process.
  • Adapted to the technical level of the end consumer of the texts (mechanics, technicians, sellers, buyers, etc.).
  • Profitable: because we work with reference material and specialised terminology glossaries, which over time help to shorten deadlines and reduce quotes.

For the specific translation needs of companies related to the automotive sector (raw material suppliers, component research, vehicle manufacturers, parts distributors, garages, dealerships, etc.), Okodia Translation Services is your trusted translation agency because it has the solution: reliable technical translations that meet all the quality standards and give you a good return on your investment. Find out how we do it and start benefiting from multilingual communication to increase your sales.



Architecture firms, construction companies, electricity, plumbing and painting companies, insurance companies and occupational health and safety companies are just some of the many types of professionals involved in the architecture and construction sector. The variety of companies involved is as extensive as that of the documentation it generates: presentations, corporate identity manuals, continuous training manuals, training materials on occupational health and safety, urban and planning reports, technical specifications, construction reports, applications for licences, contracts and agreements, applications for financial support and much more.

At the moment, a large number of emerging countries are offering the best economic conditions for internationalisation in this sector.

If you believe that:

  • Your company needs to expand its customer portfolio to stay competitive.
  • Your company offers top quality services in your sector.
  • Your company would find working in foreign markets profitable.
  • Your company could be more profitable than it currently is.

It is time to act, to look further and present offers beyond your borders. How? Counting on the essential support of a specialised and trusted partner. Okodia Translation Services is your translation agency that works closely with your company to ensure that your image abroad leads to the profitability you need in the shortest possible time.

Do you want us to help you? Tell us about your project now.



One of the sectors with the greatest need for constant updating and improvement to stay competitive is the telecommunications sector. As you well know, your company competes with much larger organisations with almost unlimited resources. What are two of your competitive advantages? The specialisation and personalisation of your products and services.

Your products and services are of the quality normally demanded or even exceed this. You know it, your employees know it, but does your end customer know it? That customer who wants to learn more about your products but lives in China, India or Russia.

In other words, if you know that:

  • Your products and services offer high quality and are the same as or better than those of other companies.
  • You offer a personalised service, adapted to the real needs of your customers.
  • Your rates are as reasonable and competitive as your numbers allow.
  • Your company has the best professionals in telecommunications, professionals who provide an added value to your offer.

Your technical knowledge allows you to easily reach niche markets in different countries. Our knowledge and experience in technical translations will allow you to communicate with these markets in the language you need, thanks to our team of professional technical translators.

Having a professional partner like the translation services provider Okodia will bring you immediate value, and our working system will allow your company to communicate in the language of your customers, wherever they are.

Why wait to start your profitable internationalisation process? Contact the technical translation agency Okodia and start attracting international customers!



Did you know that a simple translation error may lead to financial losses of billions of pounds? With the involvement of energy companies, environmental consultants, law firms and many more parties, the booming renewable energy sector is one of the sectors that generates the most documentation. Translating specialised technical documents that use specific terminology is a challenge in itself. It requires the type of vocabulary that only a specialised technical translator is capable of knowing and handling without errors.

  • If your company needs to expand and consolidate its international customer portfolio.
  • If your company is subject to continuous legislative changes, both national and international, that involve translating technical texts generated by your organisation.
  • If your company wants to continue being a benchmark in your sector and beat the competition that is becoming more intense every day.
  • If your company wants to continue doing a job that is respectful of the environment and profitable for your cash flow.

Your translation services provider, Okodia Translation Services, offers a group of native translators who are specialised in translating technical documents from the renewable energy sector. People from your sector who know your jargon and know how to translate technical words in a simple, direct and profitable way.

Contact us now and we will help you to really get a return your company’s investment.



In the last five years, we have seen how the civil engineering sector has reinvented itself. Companies who used to operate locally have taken the leap and are submitting international bids for tenders. They are seeking and finding their market niche in developing countries, launching big and ambitious technical projects involving professionals from different working areas and investing time and thousands of pounds in positioning themselves in distant places, in countries whose culture, legislation and working practices are completely differently to those they are familiar with. Companies that use professional technical translations carried out by a professional translation services provider like Okodia Translation Services.

If you want:

  • Your company to once again occupy the leading positions in your sector.
  • Your professionals, partners and investors to once again receive the financial profits they did years ago.
  • Your company to once again be as profitable as it was before the crisis.

You have the solution at your fingertips: internationalise your products and services with an essential investment: a professional technical translation.

At Okodia Translation Services, we do not just translate your technical texts from one language into another, we also offer a complete localisation service. Our specialised native translators know the vocabulary of their native language, but they also know the specific industry terminology and the local culture of their countries of origin. As you know, the secret is not to just “translate”, but to “translate well”, and Okodia truly knows how to do this.



If there is one sector present in practically all areas of everyday life it is the chemical sector. From the water we drink to the medicines we take, our clothing, toys, household appliances, cleaning and beauty products, food supplements, etc. The so-called “trillion industry” turns over hundreds of millions of pounds a year, but it also bears a heavy responsibility: the health and well-being of the end consumers of its products.

If you believe that your company should:

  • Form part of the “trillion industry”.
  • Beat the strong competition from emerging countries.
  • Project a market image of an organisation committed to the environment and to the health and safety of its customers.
  • Obtain better financial results from its international investments.
  • Be more profitable.

Okodia Translation Services offers you its extensive experience to help your company with its specialised translations about chemistry. We place at your disposal certified technical translators in different countries, people specialised in the different branches of the chemical sector who translate the contents of your technical documents into the native language of your customers, including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Danish, Finnish and many more. They produce professional, serious and rigorous translations that will provide an added value to your work and your investment.



  • Improves workflows
  • Optimises error-free quoting
  • Better positioning for your company
  • Clear and easily understood instructions in the language of your foreign customers

The secret to a professional technical translation:

If you type into your favourite search engine the keywords: translation of technical texts and documents, translation of documents, in any of their forms, or simply document translation, document translator, etc., you will see that there are thousands of translation agencies waiting to offer you their services. However, are all of them capable of carrying out a good technical translation based on each scientific language? Do all these professionals offering to translate documents speak your professional language?

Architecture firms, construction companies, real estate companies, property developers, manufacturers of construction materials, renovation companies, and interior designers all need good translations of their texts. As experience has shown, your industrial sector, in addition to having its own terminology, also has some style rules, a very particular way of writing. That specific language, that way of talking about things, is further complicated by the importance of the content of the document itself and the range and number of companies involved in a single project.

Do you know the advantages of having good technical translations, and why technicians and engineers prefer to use a direct, clear and transparent language?

  • In machinery instructions and manuals: it means you can save time and money with accurate translations. It prevents stoppages in the work rate and unnecessary repairs.
  • In work processes: it increases the ability of employees to understand the instructions and methods. It facilitates workflows. It improves the productivity of your employees.
  • In technical reports: it balances financial plans and avoids errors when allocating budget items.

Do you want us to study your project and give you more solid reasons to use Okodia Translation Services?


“Our experience with Okodia has been very good. They have been very quick and the translation has been high quality. Communication has been very easy and the price was right for the market. I will no doubt contact them again in the future. Highly recommended.”

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