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We are your translation services provider with whom you can easily and efficiently communicate in any language. We translate your texts and messages into Spanish, German Russian or any language you need with professional native translators. If you are thinking of hiring a translator and are wanting to find out how much it would cost to use a translator into French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, etc., you have reached the website with the largest number of certified translators.

Translations of websites, technical translations, audiovisual translations, financial translations, localisations of software and video games… At our translation company, we receive translation orders of all kinds, both large and small, with different specialities and target audiences, but we only have one way of working: translating what you need into the language of your customers, with full guarantees. See for yourself with our team of online professional translators.

With Okodia, your translation services provider, you have at your disposal the best translation company, a network of professional native translators who, from Manchester, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and elsewhere, deal rigorously and efficiently with your translation orders at highly competitive prices, in a local and natural style, and providing an optimal result that will guarantee that you communicate effectively with your customers.

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Welcome to the website of the translation services provider Okodia Translation Services, a translation services provider in London, where you will find:

  • Information about the individual work method offered by our team of specialised native translators.
  • Specific information about each of our translation specialities: sworn, legal, technical, audiovisual, financial, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.
  • Special information on the important software localisation work that we carry out for leading companies around the world.
  • The feedback that companies from different sectors and specialities want to share about the work of the translators at our translation services provider, Okodia.
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At Okodia Translation Services, we offer:

  • A translation company with native translators with extensive experience in general and specialised translation.
  • An exclusive project manager who will serve as the liaison between your company and the team of translators who are working on your project.
  • Reasonable and transparent price from day one, with no unexpected or hidden charges.
  • Full compliance with your deadlines. For us, as it is for you, time is money.
  • The peace of mind of entrusting your confidential texts to a trusted professional translation agency

The trust of our customers is the best endorsement.

Over the last few years, Okodia Translation Services has carried out over


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Main translation services offered by Okodia Translation Services:

In our virtual environment, you will find detailed information about our translation agency, our team of professional translators, and also our work method, a system that differentiates us from other translation companies.



Specialised translators in different bio-sanitary branches who are responsible for translating articles for journals, white papers and webinars, medical trials, scientific books and manuals, theses on different specialities, scientific-technical apps, and much more.



From e-learning training products to multimedia presentations, not forgetting software localisation for the videogames sector, subtitling of short films, feature films and video clips, dubbing of series and films, audio description for museums, newspaper archives, etc.



Many of Okodia Translation Services’ customers are dedicated to the ever-growing tourism sector. We translate different materials for them, such as: multimedia applications, lists of services for hotels and restaurants, travel guides, tourism promotion articles, etc.

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Regardless of why you have come to the virtual home of our translation company, welcome! We invite you to browse through the different sections of our website. In them we have tried to explain both our translation specialities and our way of working. If you cannot find the exact type of translation or localisation you need, don’t worry: send us an e-mail explaining your project.

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02. You need to hire professional translators for a specific project.

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why you should choose Okodia Translation Services as your trusted translation agency:


We work with a great team of professional translators who are committed to quality, native speakers of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Greek, etc.


You will have your own linguistic advisor from day one, a personal project manager who will minimise the time you need to spend worrying about your translation projects.


We guarantee transparent rates with no small print and adapted to the real requirements of your project, established from the very first moment so that you always know in advance how much your work will cost.

Some of the translation services we offer:

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Medical translation:

An entire specialised division of native translators who are qualified in health sciences at your disposal at Okomeds.

Financial translation:

Translation of economic and financial translations with full guarantee of quality and confidentiality.

Legal translation:

Translation of legal texts by professional native translators who are experienced in law and legal documents.

Website translation:

Translation of websites and online stores with keyword research for a good SEO positioning.

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Okodia’s blog

Netflix subtitles annoy the world of professional translation

By | Okodia- Tranlation Group

Sitting back on the couch, relaxing and enjoying a Netflix series or film. Who doesn’t like the sound of that plan? I’m sure that like us, it’s something you enjoy doing from time to time. Most people around the world feel the same. For the American media giant, translation (perhaps more specifically the translation of subtitles) is vital for it to reach international audiences.

Nonsensical Netflix subtitles

While English speakers can often simply press play and relax, things are more complicatedfor other users, especially if they want to watch a film that isn’t in their language yet. Waiting for the dubbed version of your favourite show to arrive can be a challenge for even the most patient of viewers. For those who can’t wait there remains the option of watching the original version with subtitles.

Like translation, subtitling is an art form with its own rules (for example, each subtitle must have a maximum number of characters and lines and must be in sync with the picture). But what happens when they don’t make any sense? And why does Netflix allow nonsensical subtitles?

To answer this question, we need to go back a couple of years when the company, faced with a growing need for content localization, started a process of hiring translators. However, in this process the only prerequisite for doing the job was being able to understand English. 

The media saw this as a sign of ironic frugality by Netflix and suggested that the multinational giant was spending as little as possible so that it could make an even bigger profit. 

There are many examples of terrible subtitles on Netflix and if you look closely, you will no doubt discover some in your favourite series. One of them was the translation of the phrase “TripAdvisor is the life blood of the agrotourism industry.” When translated into French, TripAdvisor ceased to be a noun and instead took on the very literal form of “Conseil Voyage.”

Obviously, a non-professional subtitler messed up when translating that sentence.  This type of error can be costly, especially when you have viewers who don’t speak any other languages and need accurate subtitles to keep up with what’s happening in their favourite shows. 

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