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    e-commerce translation, e-commerce translation
    e-commerce translation, e-commerce translation
    e-commerce translation, e-commerce translation
    e-commerce translation, e-commerce translation

    Do you have a virtual store? Do you need to translate your Spanish online store and are looking for a Spanish translator? A Russian translator? Perhaps a Chinese, Arabic, Turkish or Japanese translator.

    Whether you have an online store or are involved in e-commerce or write a sales blog, you have come to the right place if you really want to sell your products and services in other countries.

    Okodia Translation Services, one of the best translation agencies in the UK,  has spent years translating online stores for companies in a wide range of sectors: fashion and accessories, sportswear, perfume and cosmetics, travel guides and more. Our specialised native translators efficiently translate all the visible and invisible e-commerce text into whichever language you need and they will also take into account the main aspects of translating SEO.


    How do you translate your web content?

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    What e-commerce solution does your virtual store use?

    Our team of professional translators can help you translate Prestashop as well as translate Magento. They can help you with the translation in WordPress or another CMS. The key factor is the translator knowing both the modules and plug-ins of the CMS being used and the language into which the content of the online store must be translated.

    We also know that an online store is much more than its CMS. On a website where “content is king”, you need to translate all the texts on your e-commerce store, both visible and invisible. You need a translator to:

    • Translate the fixed sections of your online store: description of your company, conditions of service, personal data protection text, confidentiality clauses, secure purchasing, registration forms, optimised newsletters and more.
    • Translate the descriptions and updates of the products and services you sell, both the sales messages and the detailed and technical descriptions of each of these (measurements, weights, colours, legal warnings, etc.).
    • Translate the non-visible but translatable content of your online store. This refers to the texts that are hidden from your customers but read by search engines, content that is one of the main factors in your online store positioning itself, standing out and making sales. In other words, we are talking about the SEO translation of your virtual store.

    3 key reasons to have an error-free translation of your website

    The benefits of translating your website


    Increase visibility in the Google search engine used by your customers


    Support the internationalisation of your company by better connecting with your customers through speaking their language


    Increase sales opportunities with more potential customer contacts

    Two tips for the international positioning of your virtual store:


    1. Do you have a powerful sales pitch? It’s time to let your international customers know too. Translate your e-commerce into the languages of those countries where you want to position your business.
    1. Get translation professionals. They know the language and culture of the country where you want to position your business. They will provide you with top quality translations that will help you achieve your goals.