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    scientific translation, scientific translation
    scientific translation, scientific translation
    scientific translation, scientific translation
    scientific translation, scientific translation
    scientific translation, scientific translation

    Scientific translation is a type of translation that serves researchers and scientists in all fields of knowledge, from medicine to robotics, physics, astronomy or  mathematics. Why is this specialised translation necessary? What professional scientific translation services do our translators offer you? What are the advantages of hiring a translation agency in London specialised in translating medical articles, webinars, theses, dissertations…? What exactly does our company offer you for your text translation?

    The need for the scientific translation of texts, articles and documents

    The importance of science

    Medicine, robotics, physics, astronomy, biology, neuroscience, zoology, psychology, ecology, anthropology, mathematics… there are an almost infinite number of scientific and knowledge fields involving many research tasks, and the scientific articles generated by all this work are infinite too.

    Researchers from all countries and cultures work daily to increase their knowledge to fight disease, locate new energy sources, optimise the use of current technologies, improve crops, better understand the living beings around us and much more. Scientific researchers work to improve human life, generate scientific articles and other training and informative material for other researchers and need to have professionals who are experts in the scientific translation of articles, manuals and all types of content that require a specialised and high quality translation.

    To summarise: research and science are vital for humanity, but they need a scientific translator who rigorously and effectively translates their articles into other languages such as Spanish, German, French… and that is where our translation service can help you best.

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    scientific translation, scientific translation
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    Globalisation and scientific translation

    For some years now, the phenomenon of globalisation has changed the previous closed nature of the research sector, leading to it expanding its knowledge and exchanging experiences. The concept of collaborative work has permeated the scientific sector. In addition, nowadays it is considered essential to share scientific articles, experiences, studies, objectives, failures and successes. The information is placed in the middle of the table and is enriched thanks to the contributions of scientists and academics from around the world.

    In this world of multidisciplinary, multilingual and collaborative work, one crucial factor takes centre stage: the perfect understanding and expression of the texts resulting from the research, whether they are articles on life sciences, books, web environments, scientific journals, presentations, webinars, etc.

    What does it take for science to be “understood” internationally? It takes a specialised scientific translator, a translator with advanced knowledge not only in languages but also in the branch of knowledge on which the research work is focused. A professional with specialised experience in scientific translation.


    Advantages of hiring a scientific translation agency

    Having an agency specialised in scientific translation online free, webinars, videos and scientific articles, etc., has great advantages both for the world of science in general and for researchers in particular.

    Professional scientific translation services

    Scientific articles for specialised journals, webinars, manuals, technical essays… These are the main specific scientific text translation services we offer and our advantages:

    1. Although English is usually the language of communication in the scientific field, the organisations in each country require their documents to be translated into their own languages. Thus, by disseminating your research articles in multiple languages, you multiply the resonance of your work. The most immediate result: you achieve the international visibility you deserve for the time and effort you put into researching, preparing and sharing your work.

    2. A good scientific translation guarantees the reliability and accuracy of the translated content. Not only will you be completely sure that you are accurately conveying the key points of your research project in other languages, but you will also find it easier to obtain the necessary international funding to continue with your project, write scientific texts, publish research articles in specialised journals anywhere in the world, etc.

    3. Truly professional scientific translation online makes it easier for scientists who are not native English speakers to understand the content. In this way, specialised scientific translation helps science reach those talents in distant countries who are unable to contribute their valuable knowledge because of language barriers.

    4. Having a specialised linguistic partner in medicine, robotics, physics, astronomy, biology, neuroscience, zoology, psychology, ecology, anthropology, mathematics… saves the researcher valuable working time, hours that the researcher will dedicate to continue studying and deepening their knowledge, to prepare more scientific articles and manuals, to seek and find funding for their projects, etc.

    5. When you entrust our experts with a scientific translation, you are 100% sure of the quality of your translations thanks to the quality controls that we establish in our agency to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. Do you want to know how we work?

    What can we offer you at Okodia Translation Services?

    A team of native translators in the target language of your scientific texts and with advanced knowledge in each scientific speciality.

    A team of professional translators who are aware of both the importance of delivery times and of guaranteeing the rigour of the scientific texts you entrust to them.

    A prior identification and exhaustive analysis of the linguistic features of the subject of the text to be translated.

    Continuous quality control in project management and in each stage of the scientific translation process.

    Absolute confidentiality from all professionals involved in the translation project.

    And, of course, a quote for a scientific translation that is reasonable and completely transparent.

    Are you involved in research and need a translation of scientific texts? Do you want to publish your scientific articles in other languages? At Okodia Translation Services, we can help you, you just have to take the first step: contact us with no obligation.


    “Finding Okodia was a pleasant surprise. I had been looking for an agency that could offer me high quality translations with reasonable deadlines and rates. The project managers are very professional, attentive and strive to understand my needs. They did the job perfectly and even delivered it before the agreed deadline. I had contacted other companies previously, but Okodia offered me the best prices and the quality is the best. I would recommend them without any doubt!”

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