Translation in the fashion industry

“What we like most about working with them is that they always suggest alternatives to the text or come to us to check particular details of the translation before sending the work back to us. That saves time for both parties.”

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  • Speed and efficiency in each job
  • Option to work with different language combinations.
  • Good communication with the Project Manager
  • Translation carried out by natives

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    Professional fashion translation, fashion translation
    Professional fashion translation, fashion translation

    I’m sure you already know that being fashionable is fashionable. Personal image has become an essential part of the daily lives of millions of people on this planet. One reason for this is because it‘s a creative way to express yourself and adapt to life.

    We’re not just talking about in our personal lives, its also an issue in our professional ones. As a result, society is increasingly demanding all kinds of products that make people feel more beautiful, powerful, attractive and, in general, better in all possible regards.

    That’s why brands are investing ever growing amounts of money in expanding and, consequently, in translating fashion so that more people can enjoy it in their own style.

    The professional translation of fashion is more essential than you might think. But why?

    Fashion brands dont just want to reach out to a local audience. Their advertising messages, websites with online stores, press releases, blog articles and messages on social networks are seen by people all around the world. This widespread international shopping, with online communication as one of its strongest points, creates a need for companies to share messages with their international customers in their own language. This is where professional translation works hand in hand with communication.

    However, as you well know, thats not the end of it. Fashion translation is a highly specialised sector that also requires technical translations. For example, at times you might need to translate into German the label of a garment produced by a Spanish firm to explain the material used in that product. Or, for example, translate the washing or drying instructions for a product into Russian, or the latest campaign for beachwear into Chinese. In these cases, translation is essential for the thousands of fashion professionals who sell their products around the world. Placing their trust in translation companies like Okodia helps them achieve their goal.

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    At this point, you will no doubt be starting to understand that your turnover can easily be multiplied with the smart use of languages.

    At Okodia, we are here to make that possible. We are specialists in producing translations that convince, convey feelings, appeal to emotions and more. In short, we can help you attract the millions of people who are using fashion to express themselves and feel secure.

    Are you looking to seduce your international audience?

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    Fashion, a universal language?

    If you take a quick look at the fashion content in magazines, TV shows or websites, offered by both national and foreign brands, you might believe that fashion speaks to everyone in the same way. Nothing is further from the truth! Fashion does not sound the same in all languages. Behind this globalised world is something that makes connecting with people possible: translation and internationalisation.

    Each culture has its own way of thinking about fashion, which means that companies in this sector must adapt their messages to each customer in a personalised way. How do they do this? They use fashion translation experts, people who have an in-depth knowledge of the language, trends, tastes and cultural characteristics of each society. The knowledge and skill of these professionals is the key to making fashion feel like a universal language, but without losing its essence or freshness.

    So if you want fashion to speak directly to the hearts and tastes of your audience, trust professional translators. They will convey the brands message in an authentic and attractive way, so that more people can identify with fashion anywhere around the world!

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    Customers who demand professional translation in the fashion sector:

    In international terms, it is companies and firms from European countries such as France, Spain or the United Kingdom who most demand professional translations in the fashion sector.

    However, Asian firms with head offices in China, Japan, India and those anywhere else in the world, like Russia, Turkey and the United States, also need it.

    In short, we can say that high quality multilingual translation services are demanded by companies involved in:

    Fashion, jewellery and accessories.

    Personal shopping.


    Advertising, specialising in promoting events such as conferences and fashion shows.

    Some of the jobs entrusted to Okodia

    There is an infinite variety of content that can be translated, since all forms of communication are translatable.

    In reality, only you can decide on the limit.

    However, to give you an idea, national and international companies that work in the fashion sector entrust projects such as the following to Okodia:


    Translation of social network content

    Translation of e-commerce

    Translation of international marketing campaigns

    Translation of clothing labels

    Translation of collection catalogues

    Translation of web pages and blog articles specialised in fashion.

    SEO friendly translations

    In addition, in today’s world, it is essential to adapt not only to customers, but also to search engines.

    SEO strategies differ depending on the language spoken. If you want your potential customers to find you through organic searches in other countries, the best thing you can do is work with a professional translation agency. That way, your company will also be a success in terms of web positioning.

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    5 Direct benefits for fashion firms of using Okodia Translation Services for their multilingual translations:

    • Their international reputation as a quality firm that understands, respects and cares about their customers is maintained and improved.
    • They save time in the international launch phase of a mass consumer product.
    • Interest in their products and the number of customers who want to buy them multiplies.
    • They will be using the terminology demanded by the different national and international authorities for consumer protection as well as their own preferences.
    • Their investment in the media, advertising and social networks is monetised.

    Without a doubt, fashion is one of the most successful sectors in today’s society. Do you need to translate your texts for the fashion sector, in both your online and physical stores? Contact us right away, we speak the language of your customers!


    ““Translating our e-commerce offering into several languages has opened up a range of possibilities for attracting new customers. The translations have always lived up to our expectations.
    We appreciate the speed with which you deliver translations to us in so many languages. This allows us to be quick in our product creation processes for our e-commerce”.”


    More than 50 million words translated into 75 different languages.