Code of ethics and conduct

1. Purpose
This Code is designed to reflect the corporate values and fundamental principles that must guide the actions of Okodia and the people who form part of it. The Okodia Code of Ethics and Conduct is designed to implement the models and guidelines on professional, ethical and socially responsible behaviour that must guide everyone forming part of Okodia in the performance of their activity.

2. Scope of application
The scope of application of this Code covers everyone forming a part of Okodia:

  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • The management
  • The entire workforce

3. Our values
a. Independence. Respect for every person, entity, group or authority of any type.

b. Integrity. The people who make up Okodia accept responsibility for acting with integrity through honest, dignified and ethical behaviour, which generates trust in our company on the basis of transparency in management and the communication we have with our stakeholders.

c. Innovation. Okodia is a company that focusses on continuous improvement and technological innovation.

d. Management based on strictly professional and technical criteria, avoiding conflicts of interest.

e. Respect for the environment. For Okodia, respecting and being committed to the environment is a priority, minimising the environmental impact of our actions and contributing to the preservation and conservation of biodiversity.

f. People. Okodia’s main asset is its employees, which is why it focusses on strong and stable labour relations in a framework of equal opportunities.

4. Code of ethics and conduct
a. Fundamental principles for behaviour

1. Respect for the law: Everyone working at Okodia will perform their professional activities in strict compliance with the current legal regulations.

2. Ethical integrity: Personal integrity and professional ethics are hugely valuable assets for Okodia and that is why everyone must perform their activity with objectivity and professionalism.

3. Respect for human rights: Okodia’s actions and those of the people who comprise it must be in strict compliance with the human rights and public freedoms included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

b. Relationship with and between people
4.2.1. Working environment and respect for people: Okodia works to create working environments characterised by trust and respect for the dignity of people, warmth and teamwork. Okodia strictly prohibits any abuse of authority, as well as any other conduct that could generate an intimidating and hostile working environment. Every person forming part of Okodia will contribute to maintaining an enjoyable, rewarding and safe working environment that encourages people to give the best of themselves. As a result, all employees are required to and have the responsibility to treat their colleagues, superiors and subordinates with respect and must contribute to ensuring that workplaces are free from abuse.

4.2.2. Employment Law: Okodia is committed to the defence, respect for and protection of fundamental employment rights and the human rights and public freedoms recognised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Ten Principles contained in the United Nations Global Compact. To that end, Okodia does not directly or indirectly use child labour or forced labour.

4.2.3. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination: Okodia guarantees equal opportunities and undertakes to implement measures to support the entire workforce in their personal and professional development. Similarly, it does not allow any form of discrimination for reasons of gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, public opinions, nationality, social origin, disability or any other circumstance likely to be a source of discrimination.

4.2.4. Work-life balance: Okodia believes that the holistic development of its employees is a positive factor for both them and the company, which is why it promotes measures designed to achieve a balance between the family/personal and professional responsibilities of its employees.

4.2.5. Occupational health and safety: Okodia considers the workplace health and safety of its staff to be essential in creating a comfortable and safe working environment. The continuous improvement of the working conditions is a priority objective. That is why the entire workforce must be aware of and strictly comply with the health and safety rules established in the company. All employees also have the right and the duty to report any situation in which the health and safety of the employees is being compromised.

4.2.6. Confidentiality: In general, everyone covered by this code must treat as a professional secret any non-public data or information of which they become aware in the performance of their professional activity.

4.3 Relationships with third parties
4.3.1. The company’s brand and image: Okodia considers that its brand, its image and its corporate reputation are among its most important assets. For this reason, all its employees must ensure that they do not behave in a way which could harm Okodia’s image or reputation.

4.3.2. Quality of service, customer service and fair competition: Okodia is constantly working to improve the range and quality of its products and services, as well as to establish relationships with its customers based on trust and mutual respect. In relation to its customers, Okodia is committed to competing in the market in a way that is active but fair, respecting the free market and anti-trust rules established for that purpose.

4.3.3. Relationship with suppliers: All processes to select companies as suppliers will be carried out on an impartial and objective basis. No relationship with suppliers that is against the law or the fundamental principles included in this code of ethics may be established.

4.3.4. Conflicts of interest: Okodia considers loyalty to be an essential value, although this is also compatible with employees being able to perform other business or professional activities, as long as these are legal and do not conflict with their responsibilities as Okodia employees.

4.3.5. Environmental protection: Okodia is a company strongly committed to protecting and respecting the environment. All of its staff must protect and respect the environment and minimise any negative environmental impacts, working with maximum energy efficiency and respecting the conservation of biodiversity.

4.3.6. Anti-corruption and bribery: Okodia is against any unethical practices aimed at having inappropriate influence over people’s actions or choices to gain advantages. Consequently, no employee may accept or give bribes, or offer benefits to third parties who are working for any organisation (public or private) to obtain advantages or do business, whatever their nature. They must report, using any of the established channels, any corruption that comes to their attention, in the way specified in the Company’s Anti-Corruption Policy.

5. Compliance with the code of ethics and conduct
The principles and criteria governing conduct contained in this Code of Ethics and Conduct are mandatory. To guarantee the application of the Code and to monitor and control compliance with it, an Ethics Committee will be created. This will be the body for the management, consultation and response to questions about its content, which will be managed by the CSR officer at Okodia.

The CSR officer will be responsible for receiving information and reports related to breaches of the Code, guaranteeing the confidentiality of anyone using the established reporting procedure, which will be the email address In the same way, reports received will be processed by the Code of Ethics and Conduct Committee through a thorough examination of any possible breaches of the Code, respecting the people allegedly involved in them.

The Ethics Committee’s decisions are binding on the company and all employees involved. A breach of any of the principles for action contained in this Code of Ethics and Conduct will be punished in keeping with the current disciplinary system, without prejudice to any other liabilities falling on the breaching party.