An ongoing dream in the history of man has been that humanity will one day speak the same language. An ancient Hebrew story tells us that this happened long ago, but God punished man for his eagerness to reach heaven with a tower, and condemned people to speak different languages and no longer understand each other. It is also true that without that punishment the profession of translator would not exist today, so maybe we should rejoice.
It seems unlikely that the fight against spelling mistakes in texts of all types will have a happy ending. In this hyper-informed society in which we live, we are beset by the anti-hero of spelling mistakes and the worst thing is that there is a dangerous tendency to normalise the presence of this character in the movie of our lives.
Professionalism is always a plus. As it is for any job. Have you ever gone to buy something and been given a personal email address as the contact details of the person making the sale? Wouldn't that seem unprofessional and leave a bad taste in your mouth? It’s exactly the same in the world of translation. That's why our translation agency wants to help you understand how to tell a professional translator from an amateur or one who is just starting out. :)
If you have ended up here it is because you need a translation job done well. Whether it’s your website, blog or some advertising brochures you are finishing up, the truth is that there are particular ways to order a translation. Let us help you better understand the work of professional translators with five essential tips.
In recent years we have witnessed a profound revolution akin to the industrial revolution experienced by our grandparents: the technological revolution. Incredible advances in the information and communication technologies have completely changed not only our way of communicating with reality, but also our way of working as professional translators.
Do you know the meaning of the word "perfectionism"? The term is defined as "a refusal to accept any standard short of perfection". Perfectionism and ethics. These words are very different but are more important in the translation industry than one might expect.
Translating video games is not child's play. Yes, you read that right. Even if you are passionate about video games you should understand that translating them is no pantomime. A while ago, the story about the translation of Mother 3 into Spanish by a well-known player of the game, offered to the manufacturer for free, went viral. Yes, you read that right: a free translation of a best-selling product.
One of the mistakes commonly made by small family companies or those that have spent years battling in their market is to believe that a translation agency is expensive or that commissioning a website translation is only for large and powerful multinational companies.
We often make the mistake of thinking that because we are a small company, we have nothing to translate, or that if all we do is send emails in English then anyone can do that, but that’s not entirely true. Do you know what your company should be translating? Let us explain.