One of the mistakes commonly made by small family companies or those that have spent years battling in their market is to believe that a translation agency is expensive or that commissioning a website translation is only for large and powerful multinational companies.
We often make the mistake of thinking that because we are a small company, we have nothing to translate, or that if all we do is send emails in English then anyone can do that, but that’s not entirely true. Do you know what your company should be translating? Let us explain.
Did you know that the job of translator also allows to develop a volunteer work? There are many places and very different ways in which we can need a supportive translator and in Okodia we wanted to contribute our bit with OKNGO, the social initiative and solidarity of our translation agency.

Translation professionals, as good language lovers, should be careful with every last detail in every text: format, faithfulness to the original text (which should not be confused with a literal translation), a correct grammar and spelling are some interesting aspects of languages. In this post...