If your website is still only in English, it’s time for an upgrade. While the United Kingdom offers lots of sales opportunities, there is a big wide world beyond its borders! Nowadays, companies that want to reach the very top have websites in many different languages. So it’s time to translate your website! Let us share with you five essential reasons to do this.

Why should you translate your website?

You may ask why you should translate your website from English into other languages. To put it very simply, globalisation has made it much more common for people to buy products or services from other parts of the world. Think about it. How many new leads could you capture in other countries without having to open a branch there? Many more than you might think!

1. It speeds up your internationalisation

By translating your website into several languages, you are opening up your services, products and information to the rest of the world. Multilingual websites and e-commerce services will allow you to speed up your international development. So, if your website is only available in English, you should at least consider translating it into French to reach a larger audience. In addition, if your website is bilingual or multilingual, you will be able to attract new audiences and avoid high bounce rates.

Using a translation agency based in London is an excellent option when making the leap and becoming international. With a well-translated website, Internet users will easily find what they are looking for. This will allow you to earn the confidence of your customers and achieve higher sales. In addition, Internet users will spend more time on your website if it is translated into their language, making it even more attractive to use a professional translation service.

2. You improve your web positioning

If something doesn’t appear on the first few pages of Google, it doesn’t exist. SEO or web positioning is more important than ever. If you have an e-commerce service or a B2B company, professional translation will help you to better position your products and services in all languages, allowing you to reach a larger market.

Don’t forget that Google isn’t the only international search engine. The Americans use Bing a lot, the Chinese prefer Badu, the Russians Yandex, etc. Translating your website into several languages allows you to be better positioned in all these search engines and reach a wider audience. You will improve your visibility and receive more clicks. And much more so if you use a translation company specialised in SEO-friendly translations.

Of course, translating an entire website into another language can take time. That’s why we recommend carrying out your projects one at a time, prioritising the languages most commonly spoken by your potential customers.

3. You stand out from your competitors

A translated website not only gives you more credibility with your customers, but it also shows your competitors that you are operating on all fronts. If your target audience covers several countries, do not restrict yourself to translating your website into two or three foreign languages, as often happens. Translate it into all the languages spoken by your potential customers (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, etc.) to take full advantage of that. This will open up new frontiers for you and make you less dependent on the local market.

Don’t forget that around the plant there are 500 million people who speak Spanish, living in Europe and South America, and more than 1,500 million speak Chinese. Why lock yourself out of these potential markets?

4. Adapt all your texts

If you have already embarked on your international transformation, it’s time to adapt all your text to the language of the destination countries. In addition, you need to think about the localisation of your website’s content. What does that mean? Translating content is sometimes not enough since content must also be adapted to the culture of each specific country.

A professional translation agency has a great advantage in this area since our translators are aware of the subtleties of each language and the cultural differences between the countries where their language is spoken. Our professional translators will help you translate your website with complete professionalism. Your customers will be delighted!

5. Don’t forget anything on your website

What do I need to translate? Everything, of course! We know that some parts will be more important than others, but at the end of the day, everything can and should be translated since you don’t want your customers to only be able to understand part of your website. You need to translate the product description pages, the blog, the frequently asked questions, the “About us” page and, of course, if it is an e-commerce service, the purchasing terms and conditions. To all of these we need to add the translation of the legal notices. In this case, it is really helpful to use a certified translator. In our translation agency we have the right professionals so that the translation of your website is complete and perfect.

Are you ready to move up to the next level with your business? Professional translation is just what you need!

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