Remote simultaneous interpretation is here to stay. It expands on traditional simultaneous interpretation by giving it countless potential applications. As this type of interpretation has become possible through technological advances, it supports communication in environments where the presence of an interpreter is not possible or is more complicated.

Without a doubt, this advance has been a positive addition to the field of interpretation since it makes multilingual meetings possible beyond land borders. Keep reading, we will tell you all about it!

First, what exactly is remote simultaneous interpretation?

As the name suggests, it is a type of interpretation where the interpreter is not physically present in the same location as the person they are interpreting for. Instead, they use technology to connect to the event over the internet. As a result, using this system, professional interpreters do not need to travel to the location of the meeting. Instead, using a specific interpretation program and a platform that allows this type of interpretation (Zoom, Teams, Meet, Webex, GoToMeeting , etc.), they can work from wherever they are.

The way it works is simple. The person who is speaking speaks in their own language and their voice and image are transmitted online to the remote interpreter through a video conferencing platform. In turn, the interpreter can hear and see the speaker on their computer from the office or in a hub and, using an interpretation program with professional headphones and microphone, they then interpret the speech online to the videoconferencing platforms. Those attending also connect to the videoconferencing platform through a computer or mobile device and can therefore see and hear the speaker in their chosen language.

Its advantages

You may wonder what the advantages of this type of interpretation are. The truth is that there are plenty.

  1. Cost reduction: there is a substantial difference between needing an interpreter to attend a conference for three days and having them connect from where they are located. In this way, travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses are saved.
  2. No mobility issues.
  3. Reduction of preparation time: travel time is saved.
  4. More languages available: it is easier to find interpreters for more complex languages who can handle any jobs.
  5. Flexibility: it makes it more practical to offer interpretation services where this was not previously an option. Examples include locations that are difficult to access or venues that do not have special booths for interpreters. This point also applies to health issues.
  6. The environment: interpreters, attendees and speakers do not have to travel and equipment is minimal, reducing the event’s carbon footprint.
  7. Accessibility: remote interpreting allows interpreters to offer their services from anywhere in the world. This means that events can provide access to qualified interpreters regardless of their geographic location.

When you might need it

Are you now wondering under what circumstances you might need to use remote simultaneous interpretation services? Do not worry, we can tell you some of them:

  1. When a company has regular contact with foreign customers.
  2. If a company forms part of a European project and has regular meetings to prepare for future events but does not want to spend all the funds granted.
  3. When you want to establish initial contact with a foreign company but also want to ensure that you do not spend a huge amount in case the project does not go ahead.

In short, when holding events such as webinars, videoconferences, virtual presentations, business meetings, company committees, press conferences and more.

Using remote simultaneous interpretation

Are you clear now about what remote simultaneous interpretation is? Is it what you need? In that case, hiring the services of an interpretation agency is really simple.

At Okodia we not only offer translation services, such as scientific translation and tourist translation, but also all kinds of translation and interpretation services.

At our interpretation agency we also provide remote simultaneous interpretation services with the aim of finding the most practical solution to meet your needs. Shall we talk?

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