More than half of the world’s websites are translated into multiple languages. Many companies are currently investing in the website translation of their pages to reach an increasingly global audience. In this article we will tell you what parts of a website you should translate and what benefits doing that will bring you.

Why translate a website?

There are several reasons why companies or organisations may want to translate their websites:

  1. Reaching a global audience: translating a website allows the company to find a global audience that speaks other languages and increase its reach.
  2. Improving the user experience: a translated website offers a friendlier and more accessible experience for users who do not speak the main language used on the website.
  3. Increasing trust and credibility: providing a multilingual version of a website can show that a business cares about its customers, which will lead to it having more trust and credibility.
  4. Improving SEO ranking: a translated website can improve online visibility and increase site traffic, which in turn can improve search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings.
  5. Expanding the business: a translated website can help a company expand its business into new markets and increase sales and profit opportunities.

What parts of my website should I translate?

It is important to understand that not all elements of your website need to be translated. For example, your company’s name and any product names may not need to be translated, especially if these terms are internationally recognised. Even so, there are certain elements that every international website must translate:

1.Translation of the content of a website

The core content of your website must be translated. At our translation agency we usually translate content such as the main text on the website. We also include the translation of product or service descriptions, company information, blog texts, etc. It is important to translate this content so that your users can understand what you are offering.

2. Translation of website menus

Be sure to send your website’s menus and navigation options for translation so that users can easily find the information they’re looking for.

3. Translation of buttons and calls to action

Buttons like “Buy now”, “Sign up” and “Contact Us” must be translated so that users understand what action they are being asked to take.

4. Translation of forms and surveys

If you have forms or surveys on your website, make sure you translate them so that users can understand the questions and respond appropriately.

5. Translation of legal information

Important documents such as terms and conditions, privacy policy and legal notices should be available in the relevant languages to ensure that users understand the rules and regulations of your website.

Advantages of translating your website with a translation agency

When you need to translate a website, it is easy to be tempted into using the simplest option: machine translation. However, this option can prove very expensive and damaging for your brand’s reputation. It is best to have the job done well by professional translators.

There are many advantages of translating a website with professional translation agency in London. The main ones are:

  1. Consistency and quality: translation agencies can guarantee a consistent, high-quality translation across your entire website, ensuring that your message is conveyed clearly and effectively to your international visitors.
  2. Experience and specialised knowledge: translation agencies have a team of highly trained experienced translation professionals with a thorough understanding of the languages and cultures they represent.
  3. Improved user experience: offering your website in different languages can improve the user experience for your non-native visitors, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Greater credibility: providing information in different languages can increase the credibility of your company in the eyes of your international customers, as it shows that you are committed to their needs and offering them a quality service.
  5. Saving time and resources: working with a translation agency can save you time and resources by allowing you to delegate the translation task to a team of professionals and focus on other aspects of your business.
  6. Strengthening the brand: offering a website in multiple languages can improve the way people perceive your brand and increase its recognition abroad, which can be a valuable competitive advantage.

In short, translating your website with professionals will only bring you advantages. Are you ready to boost your brand?

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