Did you know that the job of translator also allows to develop a volunteer work? There are many places and very different ways in which we can need a supportive translator and in Okodia we wanted to contribute our bit with OKNGO, the social initiative and solidarity of our translation agency.
Can a word or a song affect our mood? But of course! The fragile human being is as sensitive to words as he is to aromas, color or the feel of a snowflake.
The blog has become a sort of journal for many companies, as well as a reference source and resource for users of their website. As with the different social networking sites, many people usually read their favorite posts and become followers of the blog and, by extension, the website where it’s found.

If you already have a company for some time or have recently entered the world of start-ups, you will be interested to know that almighty Google has decided to make some changes in Adwords. These changes basically consist in expanding the number of characters that...

(CONTINUED HERE) For most translations, the reader of the texts is a human being, but this is not true for all cases. The target audience of SEO translations is a machine, a search engine, and this important piece of data can be found in the acronym itself of “SEO”: “Search Engine Optimization”.
In recent years, Okodia, our translation agency, has seen how translation requests for web environments have increased fivefold. Businesspeople, professionals and entrepreneurs who invest time, money and enthusiasm in creating or consolidating virtual businesses, e-learning platforms, collaborative sites, etc. have gradually realized that using machine translation in their projects is not, to say the least, a very good idea.  Many marketing and communication experts advise their clients to get professional SEO translation for their online projects. It goes without saying that as an international translation agency, we certainly think this is a fantastic idea, but do clients know exactly what this type of specialized translation consists in?
Many years ago, when the “wonderful” mobile applications with which we translate other languages to greater or less success weren't even a thought, there were people who made it possible for people who spoke different languages to understand each other.These hard-working professionals were fluent in at least two languages and were the pioneers of the profession that the members of the Okodia- Grupo traductor team practice today.We're talking about the first translators and interpreters:those long-forgotten historical figures without whose efforts none of us would be here today.
Medical translation is considered to be one of the most difficult, given the wide range of areas and disciplines that medicine encompasses and the complexity and specificity of the terminology used in each of them.What’s more, an error in medical translation can have serious consequences as it can lead to misunderstandings or even medical errors.

One of the most common questions that pop up when dealing with website translation is SEO and the need to translate the website into multiple languages or not.Translating or doing international SEO or in multiple languages is an important decision as it involves an investment...

Communicating in other languages is not easy, but communicating with the intention of selling in other languages can become a real Mission: Impossible (with an original soundtrack and everything). Are there advertisements that are more effective in some languages than in others? Why? How does the language have an impact on the message? If you like persuasive advertising, communicating in other languages and getting the dirt on advertising translation, keep reading…