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    Just like the inner workings of many other jobs, the workflow to deliver a good translation to the client remains unbeknownst to many, and therefore, virtually unrecognized. Despite what it may seem, translators never work alone. Fortunately, there’s always someone who’s in charge of managing all phases of the translation workflow, ensuring that none of these steps is overlooked, thus assuring the quality of the final product.

    Translation managers perform several highly important functions, including: contacting clients, carrying out an initial assessment of the text with regard to its volume and level of specialization, searching for the best professional translator for the job, searching for the best reviser to perform revision on the translation, preparing glossaries of terminology, work protocols and other tools that may be of great help to the reviser and translator, checking that all phases of the workflow have been carried out properly and, finally, delivering the translation to the client by the agreed deadline.

    Managers always keep an eye out for any problem in relation to the text which may arise. They resolve issues with format incompatibility, provide the most suitable software for the job, give the translator the necessary resources to put the translation in context, supply them with dictionaries, glossaries and other language tools, etc.

    On top of all this, they remind them of the deadlines set and strive to manage the workflow in such a way that the translator only has to concern themselves with translating and nothing else. The best thing that can ever happen to a translator is to come across a good translation manager who will make their job more enjoyable and more pleasant, producing translations of better quality. It goes without saying then that the best thing that can happen to someone who needs a piece of text translated is finding a good manager who is competent and professional, who has all the right contacts and who always keeps abreast of the latest computer and language resources related to translation. These are things that a translator cannot do, as they already have enough on their plate keeping up with the latest developments taking place in their working languages.

    Managers are the ones who take care of everything necessary in the translation workflow which is not directly related to translating and who, nevertheless, are key to ensuring that the output is reliable and of high quality. Don’t think twice: if your translation manager is competent, professional and has shown they are capable of delivering quality results, keep them close as it will not be easy to replace them.


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