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    Tick, tock, tick, tock…, Some clocks never stop, even when the batteries run out. Time is tight, above all when ensuring that we give the best possible impression to the rest of the world, and in the translation sector we know feeling this very well. We often hear phrases like “I need it for yesterday” when dealing with requests for urgent website translations, translation of official documents, or even blog posts or email marketing.

    In the world of translation companies, every minute counts. In fact, Okodia has an entire team of experienced translators all over the world, as seen in this image, to deal with every possible client requirement.


    When I need an urgent translation

    There are many situations that call for an urgent translation. For example, let’s imagine that you have plans to work abroad and you only have until tomorrow to send a series of documents to your future employer. You may not have realised that reports like your Social Security statement or academic qualifications must be translated into the destination country´s language. Don’t worry! You need a sworn translation and yes, there are super translators that can help you out in a matter of hours. If it wasn’t for urgent translation… 🙂

    They say that if it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist, just as if it isn’t published in the media, it’s almost as if it didn’t happen. Some companies have fully embraced this and they know that their target market is not only, for example, Spanish, but that other nationalities can also access their webpage, who speak English, French, German, Chinese… The step into the international market is not an easy one, but you can always start to translate the company blog or translate newsletters which you´ll send to a well structured and diversified database. And if tomorrow is the ideal day for email marketing? Don’t panic! That’s what urgent translations are for.

    Hospitals and clinics take foreign patients on a daily basis. Managers of these centres usually rely on interpreters to help patients understand what’s going on. However, imagine if the treatment will be longer term and they need to take a clinical report home with them in a matter of hours. Can you request an urgent medical translation? Of course you can!

    In addition to a long list of other cases where urgent translation can be a lifesaver.

    What are urgent translations?

    Each person has their own definition of urgent. For example, some need an urgent translation of 100 words in one hour, while others may need it for tomorrow morning. Carrying out urgent translations, in some cases can mean working unsociable hours, overtime, weekends, or putting another translation on hold to give priority to this one.

    Carrying out urgent translations should mean offering the same high quality in less time. The translation company, that has trustworthy team of professionals behind it, as pointed out in the post Urgent translations: questions and answers, is responsible of guaranteeing an impeccable end result.

    In urgent translation projects, we often make use of the time differences between some countries. A client in Mexico, with a time difference of seven hours, can make you work through the night to meet its deadline, or in contrast, leave you with almost a day of leeway because they are no longer the office while you are still working.




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