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    Content marketing is part of what we know as Inbound Marketing, but its main characteristic is that it focuses exclusively on the content itself and not on promotional objectives. There is a diverse range of content types, or publications, and different ways to leverage them, though we must ensure we make the right decisions and avoid certain mistakes. At Okodia we know, without a doubt, that the best decision you can make to get started with a good strategy is, indisputably, translate all of your content into various languages. But how can you make the most out of your content? What tools do you have at your disposal to achieve it?


    Firstly, take full advantage of the social media networks that best suit your company´s characteristics. For example, create interesting tweets with relevant information for your clients and follow people, companies and organisations that you feel may need your services.

    If you have a website, provide all menus in more than one language and ensure that you use a professional to translate them for you. If you maintain a blog, think very carefully not only about the content that you publish, but also the language that you use, taking into account the public you wish to reach and which words you should use. Remember that you are engaging in content marketing, and not writing a personal blog, or rather, don´t fill your posts with information about yourself or your personal life unless it´s extremely relevant to the theme in question. Think about key words that users may type into the internet search engine and include them in the title of your post, in the first paragraph and throughout the text.

    If you have chosen to use newsletters, carefully analyse the best way to use them, with content that is interesting or useful for your clients. Send information that you really believe will arouse their interest. Consider that we receive numerous emails on a daily basis, and those that are of no use to us will be instantly deleted. Perhaps the best option is not to systematically bombard people with your newsletters, be a little more selective, sending them in smaller doses, so that clients actually notice their absence and are eager to receive them.

    Including video as part of your material can be an attractive option for your audience. As in all aspects of content marketing, choose carefully the information that you are going to present and offer it in more than one language. Okodia can help you with such products, as we are professionals of audio-visual translation. Choose between dubbing, subtitling or use audio description for your video presentation.

     Whilst we´re on the subject of audio-visuals, consider whether hosting the occasional internet webinar or seminar may benefit you, without overdoing it, and try not to fall into the temptation of doing too many seminars with content that isn´t entirely relevant, as this may have the opposite effect.

    Also consider the option of publishing paper documents, such as a monthly corporate magazine, which should also be offered in several languages. Send it to your clients in order to increase loyalty.

    As you can see, content marketing can offer a wide range and a variety of possibilities. Select those that best suit your company, always bearing in mind the advice we offered at the beginning of this article: make translation your greatest strategic ally.



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