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    Talent and innovation are two qualities of indisputable value which, together with work and constancy, enable a company to succeed. However, there comes a time when translation is a must if you do not want to be restricted by linguistics barriers.  Here is a list of 5 successful companies of very different types and proven talent which have understood that the translation of their contents is an added value and a passport to success.


    The first case is the well-known Mr. Wonderful, which, through its witty messages printed on all sort of product, has been able to find a market nich in Spain, and whose original ideas have crossed borders thanks to translation. Its website is translated into English, French, Portuguese, and Italian. You can also followed them on Twitter at @mrwonderful_.

    Secondly, we would like to tell you about Gameloft, the powerful French video game company, with a global reputation. Its website is also translated into 25 language, and obviously the company has a Twitter account (@Gameloft_Spain).

    On the basis of his personal experience, the founder of Homo Naturals thought that it would be a good idea to market make skincare products. So he created his company, which you can follow through his web – translated into four languages – and at @homonaturals. Congratulations on your work, Homo Naturals. Our recommendation to continue succeeding would be translating also the contents of your interesting blog. At Okodia we will be delighted to lend you a hand, if you’re interested.

    In the audiovisual area, we would like to mention Zeba Produccions, a small production company from Olot which has grown thanks to its good work, and which has been able to prove its talent abroad thanks to translation. You can also follow them at @ZebaProduccions.

    The last company on our list is the Swedish Ikea (@IKEASpain, if you want to follow their news on Twitter), which became very popular years ago thanks to the fresh and original design of its furniture and which also understood that it needed translation to go much further. Its website is translated into almost 50 languages. An interesting fact is that, in some country websites, as in those of Spain and Belgium, more than one language is available: the Spanish website can be viewed in Catalan and Basque, and the Belgian website is available in French and in Flemish.

    These 5 successful companies, with very different activities and potential audiences, took a leap of faith, driven by their talent and desire to innovate and work, and, when they wanted to make their way in other markets, trusted in the power of translation. If you identify with any of these profiles, think big and don’t let linguistic barriers stand in your way.





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