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    Communication is a key part of people’s lives. All kinds of messages are constantly being conveyed and received. In the era of technology and globalisation, communication is much more developed and there are no limits regarding distance and reach. As a result, different languages and cultures are coming into contact.

    Most of the world’s population speaks only one language, the one from the country where they were born. This means that they can’t communicate with foreigners, who have their own languages and cultures. I am sure this is something you have seen. However, luckily there is a solution to this problem, which is why translators exist. They are professionals who act as the bridge between two or more people who cannot communicate in the same language.

    Translators are normally needed in the business world and in situations or events where people or organisations from several countries come together, such as political gatherings, international sporting events, press conferences in various fields, etc.

    The translator

    People who simply have some understanding of a language are not qualified to be a translator. As with any profession, it requires extensive study and years of experience. Only those who have professional qualifications can be considered translators, or at least professional translators.

    A translator is tasked with enabling communication between two people who would otherwise not be able to understand each other. That is why they must know at least two languages, although they often know more. Furthermore, not only do they have to know the technical language and the different vocabularies used, they must also understand the different cultures, their informal expressions and all other elements that comprise communication and the conveying of messages.

    The possible options for translators

    Professional translators can find good jobs, with specific characteristics that differentiate them from simple office jobs.

    • For example, they can work with important people from the business world. There are multinational companies who hire translators to act as the communication bridge between different languages and cultures. There are specific jobs for translators in the most well-known brands worldwide.
    • Furthermore, a translator can even travel the world thanks to their job. International activity is very common nowadays. First, there are multinational companies with headquarters in different countries, or even in different continents. Second, there are activities and business involving companies and organisations from different countries, including the buying and selling of products, economic alliances, joint development, etc.
    • Many managers and other executives who hold important positions only know one language. That is why, when they need to travel abroad, to a country where another language is spoken, they require the services of a translator or interpreter.The must either already have a professional in the company, or hire one to become part of their work team and travel with them on their business trips.
    • Another option is the world of entertainment, such as acting. Many famous Hollywood actors, for example, only speak English. In some of their projects, they need to travel to filming locations in other countries and stay there for a certain amount of time, which is why they hire translators to help them during this time.

    Sporting options

    The world of sport also often uses the services of a translator. In important events, where many countries compete and many languages come together, sports translators are absolutely essential.

    A prime example is the Olympic Games, the greatest international sporting event in the world that involves over 200 countries. For example, in press conferences the athletes can be asked questions in all sorts of languages, which is where the work of a translator becomes important.

    The same happens, for example, in the FIFA Football World Cup, the most important competition in what is the most popular sport. Many countries also take part in this competition and translators are needed to allow communication between the different languages and cultures.

    Find a job as a translator

    Just as technology helps employment and the way we do our work, it is also a very valuable tool when searching for jobs. Firstly, it allows for direct contact with companies, by email, for example. Furthermore, there are also specific tools for job searches.

    At Okodia we have a section on our website where professional translators can leave their details. However, at times we have also used other platforms, such as Jobsora, to find the most appropriate professionals for our needs.

    These are job-search platforms that allow users to create a profile and find the job that best suits them. They also allow us to find the most suitable candidates for our translation projects. Furthermore, if we need to offer interpretation services in a specific city, it allows us to find the candidate by city or region.

    A translation agency in the UK such as ours is always committed to quality, which is why having a well-trained and professional team of people is a must.



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