‘Cappuccino,’ ‘Wi-Fi,’ ‘boutique’… are words we’ve incorporated into our vocabulary over the years and we now see as part of the family. They’re not the only ones whose roots originate beyond Spanish borders. Have you tried to translate them? If you’re anything like the professionals at Okodia Translation Group you’ll undoubtedly love reading text in other languages, and give them overall meaning. Did you know that by the way you translate we can tell a little bit more about you? Tell me how you translate and will tell you who you are!

The ‘loner’

You surround yourself with people, but you still manage to escape reality regardless of how much noise, hustle or bustle there is. You have the soul of an interpreter. You translate simultaneously without even noticing. When someone starts to speak in a language you master, your brain kicks into gear and starts swiftly processing the information. You refuse to allow yourself one single mistake, considering that others’ well-being depends on you. Can you imagine making a simultaneous translation mistake like the one that happened at the Olympics? You would die of embarrassment! You work better alone and without distractions, your capacity for abstract thought is immense and it’s this that makes you an excellent interpreter.

The scientist

You don’t have the same crazy hair as Einstein, but you have the same thirst for knowledge. You devour anything to do with mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology…you attract pure sciences to you like a magnet. And if the texts are written in English, French, German or Russian (to name a few), you’ve found your platonic love. You’re one of those that prefers talking about quantum physics than about trivia. Scientific translation is part of your being.


The conform¡st

If you buy a new television, the first thing you do is open the instruction manual to read the installation and operational procedures in another language. Such a simple thing that practically nobody else does, but for you it’s a ritual to be followed. Technical translation is your passion and when you spot a mistake in the instruction manual, you even contemplate calling the store that you bought the item from to let them know.

The inquisitive

There is nothing more important to you than justice, in any shape or form. How do you translate a legal document? Oh what questions! Right? When you spend your whole life from reports, claims, injunctions…! And you love it. Not just because you’re in your element, but also because legal translation lets you spy into the exciting lives of others. And who doesn’t like doing that?


The ‘Stephen Spielberg’ of languages

Stephen Spielberg was practically born with a video camera under his arm, you must have been following in his footsteps even before learning to walk. No doubt about it! Is there anything better than watching all sorts of films? Yes, translate the best movie phrases of all time! And that’s where you come in. Popcorn in hand (or better, a notebook and pencil), you are prepared to find the best way to communicate films that you know millions of people will watch. Audiovisual translation is your life, and you love it.


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