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    You will no doubt have heard a lot about website translation. Did you know that the professional translation of your content can increase the traffic to your website? Talking to consumers in their own language is important for a variety of reasons, and it’s not just about “connecting” with an international audience.

    Translating several key elements of your website can dramatically increase your website’s international traffic, as Google will rate your site as appropriate and applicable for inclusion in local search engines. Over 70% of consumers are more likely to buy a product which comes with information in their native language.

    Market research in website translation

    The first thing you should do is contact a translation company who will professionally handle the task.  Professional translators will be responsible for translating the core elements of your website or online store into a different language.

    You can then research and analyse visitor behaviour on these new pages over the next 60 days. This will give you a solid understanding of whether you have adequately addressed the needs of your target audience. It will also give Google a chance to crawl/re-index your site and you will be able to compare the differences between the old pages and your translated website.

    Translation of a blog

    Google is increasingly moving towards recognising and rewarding high quality content. This makes website translation an excellent opportunity to strengthen your connection with your current market. Content marketing in the form of blogs, reports, free tools and technical documents is a great way to increase organic traffic, and that doesn’t change when we are talking about other countries.

    Similarly, if you have translated your website, don’t forget to do the same with the content you share on social networks. Keep in mind that if you’re attracting an international audience, the right thing to do is to provide the content in different languages.




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