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    There are secrets that are widely known without explicitly revealing them. At the translation agency Okodia, we have one you’re surely already aware of: we’re deeply in love with languages. It doesn’t matter whether the language is Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, English or French—the list goes on and our declaration of love is true. Valentine’s Day or not, we’ll tell you why we’re so in love with languages. What about you, what makes you fall in love?

    A passion for languages

    What makes someone passionate about languages, you’ll probably ask. Well, a better question would be: what wouldn’t bring out this passion? Because languages help you to understand the world better. This is often the case with us. If we didn’t know Japanese, for example, we wouldn’t be able to understand some Japanese customs and beliefs, such as why the Japanese dislike the number 4, as the word for it in Japanese sounds very similar to the word for “death”. Neither would we be able to understand certain habits of Germans, such as why they don’t generally give out hugs or why they consider giving two kisses on the cheeks disrespectful.

    When you can communicate with people from other countries with whom you don’t share your native language, you’ll find it more gratifying to discover new cultures because not only will you be able to learn more about the history of other places, you’ll also be able to discover the keys to promote your business abroad in line with the norms in each country. And this is the case for many professional translators. At Okodia, we’ve got stories galore.

    Falling in love with someone who speaks a different language

    And, what if you fall in love with someone with whom you don’t share your native language? What now? When you fall in love with someone who speaks a different language, you’ll face challenges brought about by misunderstandings that come with the territory.

    There are things about the other person that you’ll never discover unless you speak the same language. When someone gets married in another country and receives the marriage certificate, the first thing to do would be to get a certified translation of it, in case it will be needed in their home country.  It’s also true how many marriages between people from different countries agree that their differences are further exacerbated during arguments, when they have less command of the language. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that falling in love with someone who speaks a different language is doing so twice— once with the language and another with the person.


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