Nowadays, blogs are one of the main tools in digital marketing. They are the basis of what is known as content marketing, and constitute a means for direct communication with your readers, encouraging customer loyalty. So having your blog contents translated will have significant benefits for your business. However, before going further, we should take a look at the main items to be translated, in addition to blog posts.

 Items that should be taken into account:

  1. The title of the blog
  • It should be descriptive
  • It should be striking
  • It should include positioning keywords

It shouldn’t be translated literally. If you have taken a lot of time to think about it, its translation should also be done with the same care.

  1. Keywords

In the same way as you spent some time selecting keywords, you should also take some time selecting the keywords in the translation language. To see whether the keywords selected are relevant, you can use the Adwords keyword planner. This is a very useful tool as it will help you to select the most suitable words.

  1. Links

Linking to related posts in your blog is a very frequent practice to facilitate navigation through your website. You should bear in mind that the post you are linking to should also be translated.

  1. Images

The images shared in your blog should have a title and alternative text that will describe the image and facilitate positioning. The title and alternative text should also be translated.

If there are any infographics, you should take care to translate the texts included, so that, as in the previous point, readers miss no information.

The benefits of translating a blog

  • More visibility: you will reach a wider audience.
  • Better positioning in more languages.
  • Exponential increase in traffic to your blog.
  • Increase in potential customers: your blog will be more interesting for more people, which means it will be more likely that your services are purchased.
  • It creates confidence. In a virtual space where we don’t know the seller personally and we have no tangible information about what we are buying, confidence is a key factorwhen customers are deciding whether to buy a product from our website. If we communicate with customers in their own language, we are telling them that we respect them, that we respect their culture and are willing to make an effort to ensure that communication between us is good and that the distance that may exist between seller and customer, either physical or cultural, it is not an obstacle. By talking to the customer in their own language, we use a means of communication that is known to them and that they can trust, which will encourage them to buy a product from the company, even though they do not know it physically, since they know any communication with this company will be good.

How to give it a little boost

You may already have a multilingual blog but one that is not having much success. What can you do to attract readers? We would recommend two things:

SEO in other languages

Once we’ve equipped our blog with interesting content and in several languages, it’s time to position it (be careful, don’t resort to literal translation. We know what happens with “Google Translate”… It’s better to consult a professional if you’re not sure of the language). One SEO mistake that many self-taught bloggers make is to literally translate their SEO texts.  In order to do a top job, you should pay attention to the meta descriptions of your texts and the ALT texts of your images. Tools such as Google analytics will also help you to find the perfect keywords to position your blog entries in other languages. You can find our blog article on how to perform SEO here.

Sharing on social media

Sharing your blog posts on the Internet is the icing on the cake. If you are only “socialising” in Spanish-speaking circles, you won’t achieve the significant increase in blog visits that you desire. Nowadays, networks such as Facebook allow you to post in more than one language. You can also make the most of this and open accounts in several languages to capture followers and, subsequently double your blog’s reach. If you follow these steps and plan well, you could become one of the most popular bloggers. If used wisely, languages will always help you win, rather than lose.

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