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    We recently talked about the great benefits of having your business website translated, providing useful information. Today we would like to expand on this information, telling you about the benefits of having your blog translated.

    In fact, blogs are one of the main tools in digital marketing. They are the basis of what is known as content marketing, and constitute a means for direct communication with your readers, encouraging customer loyalty. So having your blog contents translated will have significant benefits for your business. However, before going further, we should take a look at the main items to be translated, in addition to blog posts.

    Items that should be taken into account:

    1. The title of the blog.
    • It should be descriptive
    • It should be striking
    • It should include positioning keyword

    It shouldn’t be translated literally If you have taken a lot of time to think about it, its translation should also be done with the same care.

    2. Keywords.

    In the same way as you spent some time selecting keywords, you should also take some time selecting the keywords in the translation language. To see whether the keywords selected are relevant, you can use the Adwords keyword planner. This is a very useful tool as it will help you to select the most suitable words.

    3. Links

    Linking to related posts in your blog is a very frequent practice to facilitate navigation through your website. You should bear in mind that the post you are linking to should also be translated.

    4. Images

    The images shared in your blog should have a title and alternative text that will describe the image and facilitate positioning. The title and alternative text should also be translated.

    If there are any infographics, you should take care to translate the texts included, so that, as in the previous point, readers miss no information.

    The benefits of translating a blog.

    • More visibility: you will reach a wider audience.
    • Better positioning in more languages.
    • Exponential increase in traffic to your blog.
    • Increase in potential customers: your blog will be more interesting for more people.
    • Increased revenues: by reaching more potential customers, it will be more likely that your services are purchased.

    Is your blog already professionally translated? If you would like to find more information, our Services section can help you.




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