A new year, a new language. Or so they say, right? 🙂 At Okodia Translation Services we want to suggest an alternative challenge for this new year. Would you like to translate your blog into a new language? Well, you’re in the right hands! Blogs are usually quite personal so instead of thinking about your business sector, this time we suggest looking at how your personality type influences the language you should translate your blog into. Let’s take a look!

English, French and Mandarin

If you are a brave person who loves being the centre of attention, you need to translate your blog into a lingua franc such as English or French, or even Mandarin if you take into account the large number of people who speak it.

German, Dutch and Japanese

On the other hand, if you are loyal and hardworking, an expert problem solver, the best languages to translate your blog into are those based on organisational talent and methodical learning, namely, German, Dutch or Japanese.

Italian, Portuguese and French

Are immediate availability and infinite sweetness your qualities? If they are, you will feel comfortable with languages that can be learned as quickly as possible and which allow your readers to start a conversation immediately. If you are a Spanish speaker, Italian, Portuguese and French are perfect for that.

French, Russian and Polish

If you are more interested in the art of mystery and seduction and the theme of your blog is also related to this, why not put yourself in the hands of professional translators who can translate the content of your blog into French, Russian or Polish?

Portuguese and Italian

And if your blog is one where you demonstrate your great passion for life and also your sparkling wit, you should translate it into a language that reflects your highly dynamic attitude, such as French, Russian or Polish.

Above all, be passionate. With languages, you can go far.


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