Making the leap to another market and presenting your products and services to new international users is now so much easier for large companies, SMEs, the self-employed and any Internet enthusiast. Translation agencies such as Okodia – Grupo traductor use the plug-in WPML which—through a simple, direct connection—makes translating the content of websites hosted on WordPress easy.

WPML, the plugin to translate your WordPress site

The process of commissioning the translation of a WordPress site is similar to that used when requesting the services of a professional translator. The difference lies in how simple the process has become. The client can choose, using the WPML plug-in, which content of their website they need translated.

This plugin allows you to send content to be translated directly from the WordPress admin dashboard, offering all kinds of details to the translation agency without having to send attachments and, therefore, avoiding the problems of knowing which documents to translate and which not to translate.

Is it necessary to translate everything or do I want to translate only part of the content into another language? This is one of the questions you should ask yourself before starting the process. Once the text to be translated and the language or languages it is to be translated into have been chosen, Okodia’s team will get a notification and its professional translators will be in charge of translating the content requested and sending it back to the website through the WPML plug-in

No flaws

WPML, the plugin used by Okodia for its translation services, has countless advantages. The main one is that despite the complexity of the plugin and all that it can offer, it is quite simple to use. In addition, it will allow you to manage the translations of the text for plugins and templates, not just for articles and pages, so it is quite comprehensive.

This plugin, in turn, allows you to forget about managing .mo and .po files, which can sometimes cause problems when you want to send them to the translation company for translation. Besides, it is very well priced given all that it offers, it allows for translations of online stores, it is compatible with most high quality plugins and templates (such as Woocommerce, Gravity Forms and Beaver Builder), it has good support and it is a very stable plugin that you can use on unlimited sites.

Expanding multilingual websites

Among the advantages of translating a website with WPML and Okodia – Grupo traductor is peace of mind. When you choose to use this tool to improve the web translation for your site, you can rest easy knowing there’s a team of professional native translators behind you which will take care of all technical aspects of website support, as well as provide you with quality translation services.

What’s more, there’s the possibility of creating any multilingual website in WordPress with the assurance that all content will be translated, regardless of subject matter. This option includes the translation of e-commerce websites as well as pages where promotional brochures, directories, etc. are hosted.

In addition, WPML makes it possible to completely optimize any WordPress site for SEO in multiple languages.The client is the one who has absolute control over how URLs look. They can also establish the SEO meta information for translations, and with WPML, search engines understand the website’s structure and distribute traffic according to the languages it is geared towards.

The plug-in can be downloaded by clicking here. It’s important to download it through this link, so you can get a refund of the plug-in’s cost  and enjoy discounts on the quote for the translation of your WordPress site. You have more information in this free eBook. Download it by clicking here.

We at Okodia – Grupo traductor only want the best for you. Shall we translate your WordPress website?


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