A company is capable of generating tons and tons of documents. In theory, all these documents will be written in the local language. However, when a company does business abroad, it will need to use professional translation. Where can you get a document translated in London? Translation agencies in London are the right place to go for high quality work.

Which document translation agency in London should you use?

Okodia Translation Services has been operating in London for years. It is an international agency that offers document translation services in the United Kingdom. If you use it, you can arrange the translation of a document in London in the quickest way possible.

Online process

This London translation company makes things easy for customers. That’s why the entire process takes place online. In fact, the customer’s first contact is usually through the website. On the website you can fill out a contact form explaining your company’s needs and a project manager will contact you to prepare a quote.

Good communication

When you need translation services in the United Kingdom, also check what kind of communication you will have with the company. Some drive their customers crazy. That’s not the case with Okodia. Here we always try to offer very good communication. From the very start, your brand or company will have a single point of contact, someone who will be responsible for answering all your questions and managing the project.

Translation agency in London with native translators

A good translation agency should always work with native translators. If you need a website translating from English to French, having a native professional who knows the culture and the key aspects of the language gives a hugely different result to just using someone who has studied the language.

Transparent rates

Likewise, work with a service provider who provides you with transparent prices, with no small print. Professional translation prices must also be adapted to your project from the first moment.

How to request the translation of a document?

Once you are clear about which translation agency in London to use, it’s time to request the translation of your documents. As you will see, the process is much simpler than you might have thought. The most important step was choosing your translation agency in the United Kingdom and once you have done this all you need do is contact them to explain the needs of your business.

Translate a document with Okodia

Most translation agencies work through their own website. So if, for example, you have decided that Okodia is the translation company for you, the first thing you will have to do is contact us through our website.

When you send us a message, tell us a bit about yourself, what you need, what documents you want to translate, their volume of words (if you know that), what languages you need the translation into, etc. All this will help our team to customise the quote and send you a proposal that includes the price and delivery times.

Once you receive the quote, check it over carefully. This is the time to clear up any questions you have. Remember that Okodia’s professionals are always there to answer your questions.

Next, if you want to go ahead with the translation, we will need confirmation of the order. We will then introduce you to the person who will be managing the entire project. As we said previously, in these processes it is always advisable to have a single contact person. This is how we work, since it helps create good communication.

When your translation has been completed, our team of proof-readers and revisers will check that everything is in keeping with our company’s quality standards and we will send you the final document. It’s that simple!

Why you might need a professional translation

If you have ever thought about using Google translate to translate your documents, you should forget that now. It may seem like an easy and accessible tool, but it also translates texts literally, so your work will be full of mistakes and inaccuracies.

When you have a company, you want the rest of the world to have the best possible impression of you. That’s why the best option is to use a professional translation agency.

Translation companies are also capable of managing projects so that they can be completed quickly and since they use native translators and specialists in different fields, you will always receive a high-quality job.

If you want the world to have the best possible impression of your company (in any language), professional translation is just what you need.

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