If this is the first time you have needed to use a document translator, you probably have hundreds of questions about these professionals. How do they usually work? What documents do they translate? Into what languages? Are they experts in other areas? You will have so many questions, but don’t worry, at our translation agency we are used to this type of question and can share with you all the details about these professionals.

What is a document translator like?

A document translator is a language expert who has studied Translation and Interpretation. Professional translators often specialise and work in two languages. These usually include their native language and a foreign language, although many are fluent in more than two languages. At Okodia Translation Services, for example, we work with dozens of professionals from all over the world who speak more than two languages.

Just as an architect must know how to perform calculations and technical drawings, for a document translator, fluency in the languages in which they specialise and an in-depth knowledge of the language and culture of those countries is essential.

Never forget that professional translators do not simply produce a literal translation of documents. They need to understand the context and the message and then use their knowledge of the language and culture of the country to adapt the message in the best possible way, removing any cultural barriers that may exist.

What areas of expertise do professional translators have?

That all depends on the additional training of each professional translator. For example, some translators have also studied Medicine, so they specialise in medical translation, while others may have a legal background and understand the law and so choose to specialise in legal translation.

As you may have guessed, translators can specialise in a large number of areas. In fact, having a translation company that works with expert translators is a bonus for the work done for the customer. When translating technical documents, using a generalist is not the same as having a translator who really understands what is being talked about in those documents.

It is clear that in this case it is better to use a translation agency with language professionals specialising in different areas. It will give you the best results!

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