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    Some issues come and go but there are two that come up time and time again when we talk about ordering urgent translations. Let’s clear up some of your doubts.

    Does an urgent translation cost the same as a normal one? Generally not.

    We can explain this with a simple example from another professional sector: imagine that you need to call out a locksmith at four in the morning. Will they charge you the same rate as they charge for being called out at ten in the morning?

    A translator is a normal person, with their own (long) working hours, family and professional commitments, etc. If you are asked to work outside of your normal working hours or to set aside other professional commitments to take care of a task, you will logically charge a higher rate, a fee that in some way compensates you for the effort you are making. Although this seems obvious, sometimes it is difficult for us to explain it or make people understand it.

    Will urgent translations be of the same quality as normal ones? It depends.

    The quality of the translation will depend on several factors such as:

    Who you ask to do the translation. If they are only given a short time to do the translation, an amateur or inexperienced translator will not be able to produce high quality work. This “tall order” should only be entrusted to a professional translator or to a professional translation agency that can call upon the services of a team of skilled professionals.

    – How complex your translation is. As you can imagine, translating general informative text from a website will normally be easier than translating, for example, a clinical trial. The time needed to complete a translation depends on many variables and one of the most important is the intrinsic complexity of the text to be translated.

    – Its length is another of these variables. Translating 500 words takes much less time than translating 5,000. Logical, right?

    – What the word “urgent” really means. The term “urgent” is quite subjective. For one client, “urgent” may mean that they need the translation done in two days while another client may need it in their inbox within two hours. The most important thing is to be honest with your translation agency and give them the real deadline, without rushing them if that isn’t strictly necessary.


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