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    Making sure that Google is happy with your website is no simple matter. Are you thinking about having a multilingual website? Would you like to discover how to keep Google happy when translating your website? If you would, then this post is perfect for you. Keep reading!

    One of the biggest mistakes in search engine optimisation (SEO) is having duplicate content on your site or in third-party locations. What happens when your content is basically the same but just translated into another language? The short answer is that Google doesn’t see the translated content as duplication. This is because when you translate a text from one language to another, you make enough changes to essentially indicate that it is new content on your website.

    Sounds simple, right? Well it is, as long as your translation is done by a professional. Using an automatic translator to translate your content will not give you the changes to the grammar and the structure of sentences necessary to create “new” content, so Google will see it as duplicate.

    Keywords in another language

    Google invests a lot of money in its own translation tool, but the most famous search engine in the world doesn’t want you to use it to translate websites. That is clear since its mistakes and errors can cause chaos on your website and result in a very poor image for your business. Hence the importance of using professional translation agencies such as Okodia when creating a multilingual website.

    Another common mistake made by multilingual website publishers is to create their content first and only then send it to a translator. That’s fine, but how do you know that the keywords you use in Spanish will be just as effective when simply translated into another language? A professional translator could also help you in that regard.

    Finally, remember that Google is not the only search engine in the world. In some countries (China, Russia and South Korea), it is not even the number one search engine. So do some market research first and hire a professional translator to help you position yourself well in your chosen countries.



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