Okodia’s small but perfectly formed family is made up of professional translators and professionals who are not translators. One of these is our colleague Magda, who oversees the billing of translators and clients. Do you want to get to know her a little better? Keep reading!

– What encouraged you to start working at Okodia? 

I was passionate about the business and about teleworking, which was relatively unknown at that time 🙂

– What do you like most about your daily work here?

Being in contact with people from different cultures enriches me a lot. Not a day goes past when I do not learn something new and for me that is essential.

– You are not a trained translator. However, given your experience at Okodia, what do you like the most or surprises you most about the world of translation?  

I have always been very attracted to language, spelling, syntax and such, so even though I am not a translator, I am working in an area I love. Thanks to translation, we can find out about different customs and cultures and I find that exciting. 🙂

– What is the strangest thing that has happened to you in the time you have been working at Okodia?  

It makes me smile when a translator who does not speak Spanish greets me with “hola” or writes me a phrase in my language. It happens at times and it always seems a very thoughtful touch.

One curious thing is the relationship I have with the translators. For example, with some of them I have even exchanged photos of the places where we live, news or anecdotes. On one occasion, I was going to do a house exchange for the summer.

– How has the situation caused by Covid-19 influenced your daily work at the company? 

Okodia is a pioneer in teleworking so it has not had much of an impact. Before Covid, when I explained our way of working, almost nobody took it seriously, they saw me as a freak. Now, however, many people have asked me “Don’t you do teleworking? How do you find it?” 🙂

– What is the most important thing you have done in your life?

Well, I like to think that I have done many important things and I hope that I will do many more 🙂 I have two wonderful children and a husband I have been with since I was 18 and who means the world to me. 😉

– Tell me about a situation in which you had to make a decision and take a risk without knowing the scope of the possible repercussions. 

Well, I believe that you are taking risks every time you make a decision and that however well you have calculated things, you never know how it will turn out. An example? Being a mother.

– What are your favourite hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

This summer I adopted a beautiful greyhound. I try to play the piano and read non-stop. I like to learn and keep up to date.

– A country where you would like to live. 

A cold country. I have always said that I should have been born in Alaska. I don’t like the heat at all but where do I live, in the Valencian Community!

– Is there a language that particularly catches your attention? Why?

I have always had a liking for Portuguese, I really like the sound of it. I am a fan of Brazilian music, the fusion of jazz and bosa nova, itdrives me crazy.

– How and where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years’ time? 

I hope to continue combining my telework at Okodia with my face-to-face work and above all having the same desire and enthusiasm that I feel now. 🙂

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