Audiovisual content has become the king of the Internet. Today there are countless users who say that they consume content in audiovisual form. That is no surprise since it allows us to switch off our minds. If the translation of online videos is good, we can spend hours and hours hooked on YouTube or any other streaming platform, of which there are plenty.

Currently, 95% of Internet users watch online videos. On average, they spend 2.7 hours online each day and watch an average of four videos. In comparison, only 77.5% read online newspapers on a daily basis and only 67.6% look at a social network every day. It is also important to bear in mind that online videos are better positioned in Google, so the translation of online videos is a bonus in that regard.

Translation of online videos, the secret

Although some people say that there are no secrets worth knowing, we don’t agree with that way of thinking. The simplest and most popular type of audiovisual translation is usually subtitling. Subtitling consists of adding labels to videos showing the translation of the audio into another language. This requiresthe texts to be adapted and simplified so that the subtitles are easy to read.

To correctly translate and subtitle an online video, you must know what you are doing. Remember that users are increasingly demanding in terms of quality, so not everyone can carry out this type of translation. The first thing you should do before you even make the video is think about the fact that it is going to be translated. This means making sure that the voiceover is not too fast and that there are some pauses in which to adjust the dubbing or subtitles. In addition, it is advisable to leave free space at the bottom of the screen for the subtitles and to not include any text in the images.

For the translation itself you also need a transcription of the text in Word, Excel or similar, so it is worth saving the original video script. This requirement can be waived for short videos but for long videos, if you don’t have the text, you will have to arrange for a transcription of the video before it can be translated and that is expensive.

Don’t fall for easy shortcuts when translating corporate videos. For example, YouTube offers an automatic subtitling feature. In contrast, professional video translation is exactly what you need if you want to continue attracting users, as it is more professional and does not make all the mistakes that machine translation produces.

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