There is no doubt that the digital age in which we live has changed the way we communicate. We need look no further than the fact that the media channels we have traditionally used as a source of information, such as television and newspapers, are now all concentrated in a single place, the smartphone. As a consequence of this development, companies have reached the point where digital content creation has become essential for them. But did you know that obtaining translation services in London can also be important for content creation? Did you know that marketing and translation can form the perfect combination? Let us tell you why.

But first… what is content creation?

Don’t worry, there’s no shame in asking yourself this question, since it is a relatively new discipline. It is a task in which creativity reigns. It involves writing, creating and distributing content with the aim of motivating an audience to take action. But not only that! It also deals with search engine optimisation so that this content is correctly positioned on the Internet and traffic to the company’s website grows, along with the company’s sales. To achieve this, you need a good content creator who understands the company’s values and has specialised knowledge of the industry in question.


There are countless formats, each used for a different purpose. In this way, very varied content can be offered, adapted to suit the platform on which it is published so that the information is diversified properly.

The formats most widely used at the moment to share content creation are social media posts (in the form of pictures, reels or stories), videos, newsletters, blogs and all the content you can imagine that can be distributed through web platforms.

But what role does translation play in content creation?

As you may already have noticed, content creation has a very important role to play, since it allows a company to reach people anywhere in the world and at any time. To guarantee this, it is not enough to simply master the content creation process, since arranging its translation is also essential to be able to succeed on the Internet and reach a wider audience. Do you know what factors a professional translator in London must consider?

1. An understanding of the needs in the destination country

In this way, the message can be adapted to the target language and reach the recipient in the best possible way.

2. Study of the essence of the product

The essence of the original message and the emotions that this product provoked in the original audience must be understood and translated. This means that a new message will be created in another language but it will generate the same impact on the new users.

3. SEO study

To gain more visibility in search engines in other countries, it is necessary to understand all elements of SEO, thus improving the positioning of the website in search engines such as Google.

4. Creativity

More than a translation task, it is about rewriting a text in a foreign language, taking into account its specific cultural features. Marketing translations go beyond the process of a simple translation. In this sense, here more than ever, a creative translator cannot literally translate a text word for word.

5. Knowledge of tools linked to the field of communication

At this point, the management of social networks and strategies linked to digital marketing is interesting. It is also necessary to have knowledge of the company’s business sector.

Creative translations

By now, you are probably wondering what content you can translate with a translation agency. Among others, you can order translations for websites, translations for e-commerce, translations for blogs, for social networks and translations for any digital content you can imagine.

The translation of digital content into other languages requires more quality and precision than a standard translation. It is not just a question of translating, but rather of adapting the text to the language and culture. Otherwise, you would miss out on the cultural and linguistic nuances, making it difficult to reproduce the intended impact of the original content.

At our translation agency in London we know how to attract potential customers from other countries to your business by using quality, attractive and optimised language and content. We will capture the messages conveyed in the source language and translate them so that they have the same impact in the target language and connect with other cultures.

That all seems a bit complicated. However, it is a simple task if you have a professional team that guarantees that your messages will reach your audience in the most efficient way. Do you need a creative translation?

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