The date 14 October 2011 is very special for Okodia. That is the day everything started. In a few months it will be 12 years since Okodia was founded. The world of translation has evolved and so has Okodia. That is why the time is right to tackle the new challenges in the world of professional translation with a refreshed image.

Okodia, Okodia is tackling the new challenges in translation with a refreshed image
This was Okodia’s old logo

The translation agency is taking another step in its internationalisation and specialisation and has been working on a fresh, professional, warm and high-quality image that reflects the essence of the company.

Logo Okodia
Okodia’s new corporate logo.

An image that reflects Okodia’s values

The new corporate image reinforces the values that have guided the company from the very start. Through the new logo, with its more intense orange colour and more robust font, the company is highlighting the following values:

1. A transparent translation agency.

Transparency is the foundation for all of Okodia’s relationships with its customers. The agreements, rates, deadlines and conditions are clear and there are no surprises. This is the best way to build respect for a job well done.

2. Quality in Okodia’s translation services

The professional translations offered are carried out under a quality control system. Okodia is certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards and all the services it offers are carried out following these quality standards. A job well done is one of its guiding principles.

3. Trust and honesty, the basis of an excellent translation service

Trust and honesty are the basis of an excellent translation service. At Okodia, personal service prevails above all else, be it with employees or with customers. In fact, this is what allows any concerns the customer may have to gradually disappear.

4. Specialisation in translation

Okodia has gone from being a single brand to bringing together others under it. In addition to its general services, the company also has a specialised medical translation division, Okomeds; one for certified translations, Iuratum; one for cosmetics translations, Okosmetics; one for legal translations, Kelsen & Hart, in addition to its simultaneous interpretation service, Oqodia.

5. Waving the flag for professionalism

The company only works with native translators and professionals in the language into which they translate. Professionalism is one of its main hallmarks. In addition, a project manager will liaise between the customer and the professionals involved in the project to ensure the quality of the work and its punctual delivery within the agreed time.

In short, the brand has been refreshed, but the values remain the same, the aim being to provide professional translations of the highest quality.

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